"The King": Batman stopped a gang of cannibals and prevented them from killing another man. As Batman was rescuing the man, the Bat-Signal appeared in the sky and Batman went to see what happened.

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Appearing in "The King"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jess (Single appearance)
  • Stanley Demchaszky a.k.a. The King (Single appearance)


  • Killer Croc
    • Bobby (Single appearance)
  • Penguin
  • Skinners (Single appearance)
  • Henry Streeter (Single appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The King"

Batman stopped a gang of cannibals and prevented them from killing another man. As Batman was rescuing the man, the Bat-Signal appeared in the sky and Batman went to see what happened.

Batman arrived at the signal's source and he found a girl and a father waiting for him. They told Batman about the group of people they belong to, that their leader was missing and that they needed him in order to survive in Gotham City. They called him The King of Gotham because he helped them when they most needed it. The King gave them medicine and taught them how to purify water. Without many clues about The King, Batman went looking for him.

Elsewhere, a couple of hoodlums were beating The King but before they could finish him, they were attacked by Killer Croc, who wanted The King.

On his search, Batman realized that the man's work was all around Gotham. Batman deduced that The King must obtain the materials from somewhere and thus he headed to the only man with resources in the city; Penguin. Batman scared Penguin with his unnanouced visit and after asking him about The King, Penguin told him that he has been trading goods with the man, but then Batman made him realize that The King has been stealing from him and Penguin was infuriated. Batman left the Penguin alone and went looking for any clues on The King's whereabouts. He found a trail of crooks knocked unconscious or dead and upon checking one of the scenes Batman noticed a scale left on the crime scene. Batman knew who was behind it all.

Killer Croc was at Babylon Towers's Mall beating The King and telling him to acknowledge Croc as the real king of Gotham. When one of his own henchemen told Croc to calm down, Croc punished him by bashing his head against the wall. Batman saw what was happening and used a concussion grenade to stun Croc's henchmen and knocked them all down. Croc grabbed Batman from behind and Batman hit him hard with the back of his head. The two of them fought for a while and then Croc tossed Batman to the ground. Before delivering the final blow, Croc launched himself towards Batman and the latter used his legs to send Croc flying down of the building on a four-floor drop. Batman knew that Croc had survived worse and that he would be fine. Batman then went to check on The King and learned that the man's identity was Stanley Demchaszky, a former criminal and Blackgate inmate. Stanley told Batman that he was released from prison the day before the earthquake and that he didn't left Gotham with everyone else because he wanted to stay and help the people, so to redeem himself. Batman was unsure of what to do next.

In the end, Batman took Stanley back to the refugee center and the people finally met The King of Gotham.



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