"Endgame Epilogue: Days of Auld Lang Syne": It was December 31st. James Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Richard Grayson, Lex Luthor and the Gotham City Police Department were

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Synopsis for "Endgame Epilogue: Days of Auld Lang Syne"

It was December 31st. James Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Richard Grayson, Lex Luthor and the Gotham City Police Department were at the funeral ceremony for Sarah Essen, grieving over her untimely demise. When the ceremony was over, Lex offered any help to the Gordons but they refused. Dick told Barbara that he would see her that night and after he left while Barbara and Jim stayed until everyone was gone. Batman showed up in front of them and Jim asked him if it was all worth it. Batman didn't answer.

Lex Luthor started to execute his master plan and began buying real state in Gotham City.

Later, at Oracle's Watchtower, Batman and Oracle learned about Luthor's activites. Lex was buying real estate from land owners that died during the earthquake, using a fake account and name. Batman arranged a meeting with Lucius Fox to prevent Luthor from achieving his goal.

In the GCPD Headquarters, the members of the force were remembering their times and experiences with Sarah Essen and they celebrated her life. Renee Montoya, however, noticed that the police commissioner wasn't present there and she looked out for him just to find the man, alone and devastated in the backyard of the building.

Meanwhile, Robin sneaked back into Gotham and talked to Nightwing about their possible future. Nightwing told him that he would go to the city opening gala with Barbara, and Robin assumed that, as it was New Year's Eve, Nightwing and Barbara were formalizing their relationship.

At Wayne Enterprises, Lucius Fox met with Bruce Wayne and explained to him about Luthor's irregular activities. Lex was planning to own Gotham by buying the majority of the real estate in the city. Bruce faked surprise and Lucius told him that we was going to talk to Luthor personally. After Lucius was gone, Bruce knew that Fox would be killed by Luthor if he confronted him directly. Alfred provided him with a Batsuit and Batman followed Lucius to Lex's building.

In said building, the Gala for the reopening of Gotham was being held. The Gordons arrived feeling completely awkward and out of place. Soon, Dick joined Barbara while Jim sneaked from the crowd and went outside.

Meanwhile, Lucius confronted Lex and told him all that he had discovered. Lex tried to be subtle and let Fox get out of his office without causing trouble, but as soon as Fox was outside, Lex told Mercy to follow Fox and kill him before he was out of the building. Mercy headed for the door when Batman came crashing in. They engaged in combat and after exchanging a few hits, Batman defeated Mercy. Batman stared at Luthor and warned him again not to mess with Gotham as it wasn't for sale.

At midnight, Nightwing went to Park Row's medical center and visited the recovering Helena Bertinelli. When the clock struck midnight, they kissed.

James Gordon was at the Gotham Cemetery, in front of Sara's tombstone with a couple of champagne flutes. The New Year's fireworks were already shining in the sky across the city. Jim shared the coming of the new year with his bride, in a symbolic way. At the same time, Batman left a couple of roses at the Waynes' tombstone and looked to the sky with renewed hope.


  • This is the third and last part of the storyline titled Endgame. The events of this issue take place after Azrael: Agent of the Bat #61.
  • This issue marks the conclusion of the year-long No Man's Land crossover.
  • This is also the last Shadow of the Bat issue published.
  • In the letter column Shadowlines, there is a message written by editor Dennis O'Neil. He explained how No Man's Land came to pass and thanked all of the people who made it possible. The letter was written in September 1999, three months prior to the publication date.


  • The title is a reference to the poem/folk song Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns; usually sung at New Year's Eve and funerals.
  • On his message, O'Neil cited a quote by Russian writer Nikolai Gogol.

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