This paperback collects the Batman: Hush Money storyline, but also includes prelude issues from the Faces of Evil storyline. The Batman: Hush Money storyline was originally published in the comic book series Batman: Streets of Gotham from August to November, 2009. The prelude issues from Faces of Evil were originally published in the comic book series Detective Comics and Batman in March, 2009. These stories are all written by Paul Dini and illustrated by Dustin Nguyen.

In the Batman: Hush Money storyline the question is how the police will feel about Gotham City's new Batman and if he can control the crime in Gotham the way the old Batman did. Commissioner Gordon's about to find out as he teams with the new Batman to combat the fiery threat of Firefly. Then Bruce Wayne has seemingly returned, promising to lead his city into a new golden age. But while this phony devotes his fortune to rebuilding Gotham City, he fights violent opposition from Batman, Robin and a host of heroes.

This paperback collects the following comic books:

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