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"The House of Hush, Chapter Four: The Reason for Hyenas": Pierce's enforcer Mr. ZZZ grabs Dr. Death by the throat and Dr. Death notices that all of them are wearing breather assists which were supplied by Hush. Mr. ZZZ torments Dr. Death by cracking the eye lense on

Quote1.png You know what they say, "dead men tell no tales." Hm. Which doesn't help a man trying to build a reputation in this town. Quote2.png
The Joker

Batman: Streets of Gotham #19 is an issue of the series Batman: Streets of Gotham (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2011.

Synopsis for "The House of Hush, Chapter Four: The Reason for Hyenas"

Pierce's enforcer Mr. ZZZ grabs Dr. Death by the throat and Dr. Death notices that all of them are wearing breather assists which were supplied by Hush. Mr. ZZZ torments Dr. Death by cracking the eye lense on his gas mask which could let the deadly vapor seep through his mask. Dr. Death cries out that he will cooperate and he activates a reverse ventilation system which sucks up the deadly vapor in the room. Dr. Death is surprised that Pierce is out of Blackgate since he was given a life sentence. Pierce blames Dr. Death and the Wayne Family for his incarceration.

Hush notices that Marchetti is unnerved by Dr. Death's base of operations. Marchetti has tried to avoid dealing with colorful criminals like Penguin or Scarface. Marchetti met the Joker for the first time when Joker came to talk to Marchetti's uncle Sallie Guzzo. Joker wanted to discuss a business proposition but Guzzo turned him down. Marchetti remembers the next day when he came to his uncle's place to mop up when he hears the phone ring. Marchetti picks up the phone and hears his uncle's voice crying out for help. Guzzo tells Marchetti that he's being held captive at a kiddie park. Marchetti wasn't too fond of his uncle because he had kinky but peculiar tastes. Marchetti's sense of family ties compels him to go to the abandoned amusement park where Joker's goons are waiting for him. The goons escort Marchetti to the Dragon Wagon roller coaster where the Joker was waiting for him.

The Joker mocks Marchetti by saying he is too small to ride the roller coaster. Marchetti scowls at the Joker and Joker hits Marchetti across the head with his walking stick. Marchetti asks where his uncle is and Joker leads him to the big top of Circus Zurgas. One of the goons hands Joker a gun that was found on Marchetti. Joker admires Marchetti's bravery and tests his resolve by pointing the gun at Marchetti's head then cocks back the hammer. Marchetti shows no fear when the gun is pointed at him. Joker puts the gun away and continues to mock Marchetti about his size until they reach the center ring where Uncle Guzzo is being devoured by hyenas. Guzzo screams in agony and the Joker ends his suffering by activating a trick blade in his walking stick then slits open Guzzo's abdomen which causes his intestines to spill out.

Marchetti blacks out from the gruesome display that he witnessed. The last thing he remembers is waking up in his uncle's car with Guzzo's head stuck on spike and placed in the back seat. Hush assures Machetti that the Joker will suffer slowly when their business with the Wayne Family is concluded. Dr. Death is surprised that Pierce is still obsessing about the Wayne Family. Pierce has several vendettas against many people including Thomas Wayne. Pierce points out all the failed attempts that Dr. Death has had in killing the Batman. Hush tells Pierce and Dr. Death that Bruce Wayne has given them a perfect opportunity to eliminate the Batman as well as his allies. Bruce Wayne has publicly announced that he has been bank rolling the Batman for years which makes him a target for any criminal that was busted by the Batman in the past. Hush proposes that if they attempt to kidnap Wayne then the Batman and his allies will come to Bruce's aid.

Hush goes to Jeffrey Carter's dorm room and pays him a visit. Jeffrey is surprised by Bruce Wayne's (Hush) unexpected visit. Carter tells Hush that he has been compiling everything since Bruce's announcement about supporting the Batman. Hush expresses his gratitude for Jeffrey's diligence and loyalty towards the company then introduces Jeffrey to Pierce's goons who he poses off as bodyguards. Meanwhile, Batman goes to the abandoned Busker's Club where masks were emphasized. Batman figures Hush may have been using it for a hideout but Catwoman is totally convinced that Hush has been kidnapped. She believes Hush rigged his own abduction or another criminal killed him. Batman finds an old photo of Thomas Wayne and John Zatara sitting near the stage. Bruce remembers Alfred telling him about this night when Thomas introduced Zatara to Martha Kane and Zatara left the two of them in order to meet up with the Justice Society of America. Batman and Catwoman talk for a moment then kiss each other but they don't notice Bedbug observing them from afar.

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