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"Secret Santa, Part I": Above a blimp, Scarface "threatens" to blow up Gotham with CX-8000 if the authorities don't pay him a ransom and sends them a picture of the bomb. Mayor Hill in defiance tells Commissioner Gordon to turn down his demand, but De

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Batman: The Adventures Continue #15 is a chapter in the digital-first series Batman: The Adventures Continue (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of December, 2020.

Synopsis for "Secret Santa, Part I"

Above a blimp, Scarface "threatens" to blow up Gotham with CX-8000 if the authorities don't pay him a ransom and sends them a picture of the bomb. Mayor Hill in defiance tells Commissioner Gordon to turn down his demand, but Detective Bullock tells him to calm down. Gordon warns Scarface that he'll be killed too if the bomb is detonated, but the latter states he'll escape in a helicopter and he can see it arriving. The "chopper" however turns out to be the Batwing, with Batman soon busting in through the zeppelin's window. As Batman knocks one of his goons out, Scarface orders the pilot Sluggsy to fight him. The Ventriloquist, Arnold Wesker, grabs the detonator, but finds that it has been activated. As he tries to stop the countdown, he finds that the detonator is broken. Batman escapes with Wesker upon learning this, while the other crewmen jump off in panic.

As Batman and Wesker fall, the latter drops Scarface, who "curses" him for for it. Robin soon rescues the two using the Batwing's net and later in an interrogation room, Bullock tells Wesker they know he only used half of the CX-8000 he stole. As he demands to know where the rest is hidden, Wesker tells him that Scarface had hidden it. Bullock grabs him in anger, shouting that he is Scarface, before Renee Montoya soon comes in with the recovered puppet, Bullock then hands it to Wesker so they can get answers, but Wesker again starts pretending Scarface is real. He proceeds to strike at Harvey and himself for being a "snitch". Batman intervenes and grabs the puppet out of his hand, with Gordon realizing Wesker needs psychotherapy and determining to find the explosives himself.

Months later at Arkham Asylum, Wesker has mostly healed and is given his release papers by Dr. Joan Leland. Wesker tells her that he doesn't encounter Scarface anymore and asks if he really doesn't have to worry anymore, with Joan assuring he'll never return, but he has to continue meditation and medications. At her hideout where she lives with Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn feels bored and suggests to go out as it's Christmas. Ivy reminds her that Batman sent them back to Arkham when they did that last time, but Harley states it will be different this time and suggests hosting a party. Harley states they'll invite other criminals as well, but Ivy rejects the proposal. As Harley calls her boring and states even the Joker would agree to it, Ivy relents on the conditions of not hosting it in their hideout and not inviting the Joker, to which Harley agrees.

Walking through the Gotham Plaza, Wesker feels relieved that he doesn't have to be bothered anymore with Scarface and his abuse. He however gets horrified upon seeing a puppet through a shop's window, but realizes it's just Christmas puppets. Looking at his watch, he remembers he has to take his pills, hallucinating the puppets are mocking him as he walks away. Robin, who's been spying on him by using binoculars, tells Batman that Wesker is doing fine and Bruce states he still wants to be surveyed, as holidays can make lonely people feel stressed. Before leaving, he tells Robin that the police never found the rest of the CX-8000 and it will be a nightmare if Wesker relapses into his Scarface persona in his current state.

At his hideout called "Ha Ha Hide-Away", the Joker gets frustrated at Straightman not being able to understand his jokes while he's hacking into Harley's computer, stating he doesn't have time. He reveals he has found that Harley has invited everyone to her Christmas party except him, even Wesker who he thinks is a loser. After taking out his anger on a TV, an idea to take revenge by using Wesker enters his brain and he lets out a maniacal laughter.

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