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"Secret Santa, Part III": While going back home, Arnold Wesker checks the gift that Knute Brody gave him, but gets disappointed to find it's just full of socks. Still, he thinks to himself that they suit the Christmas season. He pretends that one of the socks is real and welcomes him to his home

Quote1.png Just imagine -- above us, thousands of deluded losers are welcoming a new year they hope won't be as dreadful as last year. Quote2.png
The Joker

Batman: The Adventures Continue #17 is a chapter in the digital-first series Batman: The Adventures Continue (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of December, 2020.

Synopsis for "Secret Santa, Part III"

While going back home, Arnold Wesker checks the gift that Knute Brody gave him, but gets disappointed to find it's just full of socks. Still, he thinks to himself that they suit the Christmas season. He pretends that one of the socks is real and welcomes him to his home, but gets shocked upon finding Scarface there. The Joker soon comes in and states he brought him so they can be reunited, with Straightman even shining Scarface up. Straightman puts Scarface back on Wesker's hands and he instantly snaps into believing he's real. Scarface tries to hit Wesker, but smells something pleasant, which Straightman reveals is furniture polish he used on him. Scarface states he likes it, before warning Joker to watch out, as he might snap on him as well.

Batman later busts into Wesker's apartment along with Robin, but finds that he is not there. Robin questions if he is sure he was there and Batman affirms, pointing to the gift he gave him. Finding Joker's card in the Christmas tree, he realizes what happened and rushes to find him. As Scarface directs to take a turn and states their destination is still a couple of miles away, Joker questions if he's playing a joke on them. Scarface tells him to trust him and states he'll get the explosives he promised soon enough. As Wesker question Scarface it's right to give them to the Joker given his penchant for violence, Scarface states that he got him out and knows he's the boss. The men soon reach their destination.

When Joker questions Scarface if he really hid the CX-8000 at Santa Town, Scarface states that no one will search for them there and the place mostly lies abandoned. Scarface directs Straightman to search the candy canes after being questioned where they are hidden. After finding the explosives, the Joker commends Scarface at the Ha-Ha Hideaway for thinking about orchestrating a bombing on New Year's Eve. Scarface states that he knows where Joker can cause the most damage, but the latter questions if they can trust Wesker to not rat them out. Scarface states yes, since he has Wesker "trained", and tells him to confirm it. Wesker confirms but tells him now is not a good time to attack, since the police will be after him and will also be spying on his place. Joker assures Scarface that they'll be safe at his hideout.

On New Year's Eve, Commissioner Gordon tells Batman that they were unable to find Joker and they have heard nothing from him or Scarface. Batman states that he doesn't feel Scarface is behind what's happening, but he knows Joker will attack the Gotham Center building. Alfred soon contacts Batman to tell him that he's finally found the woman he saw with Poison Ivy at the Iceclub Lounge earlier. He states that she is Eileen Kwan and is a plant nursery owner, with Batman asking him to hack into her customer accounts. Harley returns to her hideout after shopping, but gets surprised to see Batman and Robin along with a tied-up Ivy. When Batman asks her where Joker is, she claim to be unaware as they've broken up, but eventually reveals his hideout's name by accident. Later at the Ha-Ha Hideaway, Batman and Robin find it deserted. Batman soon recovers a subway ticket and realizes it's a message from Wesker.

Meanwhile at a Gotham Subway station, which has been shut down to keep the crowd out on New Year's Eve, Joker plants the CX-8000. As Joker states they only have five minutes to flee, Scarface questions him about the ransom, but he reveals he simply wants to kill people. Joker then knocks the Ventriloquist out with a gas and drops him onto the rail line. Batman and Robin arrive just as Joker tells Scarface to start their railcar, with Batman piercing the control panel with a batarang. Straightman fights Batman, but soon gets knocked onto Joker's railcar. Joker succeeds in getting the batarang out but a train soon destroys the railcar. Robin saves Wesker and they find Scarface has been destroyed.

Batman tells Wesker that Joker has been arrested, while Straightman is still on the run. Wesker blames himself for relapsing into his Scarface persona, but Robin states that he actually helped them by leaving the subway ticket at Joker's hideout. Batman agrees, telling him he actually managed to defy Scarface and acted like a hero, which Wesker realizes is correct. Leaving the subway, Wesker gets amazed by seeing so many people. Batman and Robin tell him that it's time for a new year and new beginnings, which he agrees to.

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