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"Mentors, Part 1": This story is reprinted from Batman: The Adventures Continue #3 (Digital) and Batman: The Adventures Continue #4 (Digital).

Batman: The Adventures Continue #2 is an issue of the series Batman: The Adventures Continue (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2020. It was published on July 8, 2020.

Synopsis for "Mentors, Part 1"

This story is reprinted from Batman: The Adventures Continue #3 (Digital) and Batman: The Adventures Continue #4 (Digital).

The mysterious stalker of the Batman Family discovers an ongoing fight between them and Clayface while walking through the streets of Gotham. Clayface splits into two, leading Robin and Batgirl into chasing one half. Hagen disguises himself as Annie who has sacrificed herself to save Robin. Robin however is aware of his deception and freezes him up in anger.

Clayface however is still able to attack and starts choking Tim while Barbara is unable to subdue him, but a mysterious swordsman rescues him by cutting him up. As Batman arrives with the other half of Clayface, he states he knows the rescuer is actually the mercenary Deathstroke, who reassures he was just helping them and escapes from the scene in a van. Robin however is impressed by him.

After discovering through Interpol about Deathstroke being Slade Wilson and his mercenary career, Batman informs James Gordon about him being in town. Deathstroke meets up with Batgirl and praises her for apprehending Roxy Rocket as well as Batman's training of his protégés. He makes a proposition to her to work for him but she declines saying she's doing fine. He then informs her that she's being watched, upon which their stalker flees.

Later at the Wayne manor, Barbara informs others about Deathstroke's praises for the Batman-Family, but Bruce warns them against trusting him, though Tim doesn't agree. She also states that they spotted their stalker but he fled before she could completely see his face. Bruce warns them to be careful about him, stating he'll make his love if he's after them. He also warns them to stay away from Deathstroke until he learns more about him.

Back at his hideout, Slade meets up with his partner Sunny. He states that Barbara is just like him, though Sunny dismisses the comparison. It's also revealed that it was Sunny who gave a fake antidote to Clayface for his condition, which caused his earlier rampage. Slade reveals that someone else is also after the Batman Family and he'll kill him along with Batman if it comes down to it.

Later, Robin instead of being at home for study, decides to go out on patrol and spots Deathstroke going into Entomology Pavilion. After meeting up with him, he learns that he's tracking down Garfield Lynns, alias Firefly, who has become deadlier ever since getting scarred in an accident in Zurich.

Slade and Robin search the building for Lynns but are attacked by Asian giant hornets. Batman meanwhile is busy taking care of the Wonderland Gang. After subduing them, he discovers the location of his mysterious stalker after seeing a flash, but is too late in reaching him as he had fled.

Robin tries to subdue the hornets by bagging them and spraying them with a fire extinguisher, so they can't fly. Deadshot instead teaches him that it's just better to eliminate them all, having gunned all of them down. The duo is however soon attacked by Firefly and struggle to beat him.

When Robin tries to distract the pyromaniac criminal, Deadshot knocks away the flamethrower from Firelfly's hand, but it turns out that Lynn's armor can also spit fire as he attacks the duo again.

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