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"Red Son Rising, Part 1": This story is reprinted from Batman: The Adventures Continue #9 (Digital) and Batman: The Adventures Continue #10 (Digital).

Batman: The Adventures Continue #5 is an issue of the series Batman: The Adventures Continue (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2020. It was published on October 6, 2020.

Synopsis for "Red Son Rising, Part 1"

This story is reprinted from Batman: The Adventures Continue #9 (Digital) and Batman: The Adventures Continue #10 (Digital).

The Bat-Family's stalker reminisces how it's been four years since his last encounter with Joker, as he loads his gun. Joker having already spotted him, informs Straightman about it and that he's carrying a gun. The stalker states he only came for surveillance and Joker having no one except one henchman should make his job considerably easier. He however nearly falls off the wheel as Straightman destroys its support posts. Jason gets amazed at its strength and survives as the wheel falls, before unloading his gun at him. He however finds that bullets have no effect before being buried under debris by a grenade thrown by the Joker, who forces Straightman to come along with him as he flees.

Later, Commissioner Gordon informs Batman that Joker has been at the place before escaping and the dark knight realizes someone else was there too after finding a handgun. Back at the Batcave, Bruce informs Alfred that he was unable to find any fingerprints on the gun, but those on its bullets belong to Jason Todd. Alfred reacts in disbelief since he had died, but Bruce states it perfectly explains why their stalker knew so much about the Bat-Family. Tim comes up and states he thought the same thing, asking who he is and if he really was the second Robin. Bruce refuses to answer as he gets dressed for leaving and Tim demands to know more since he has never told him anything about Jason.

Bruce while getting in the Batmobile tells Alfred to inform Tim about Jason's story before leaving and Alfred proceeds to tell him about a violent street gang named the Wolves, which consisted entirely of youngsters. Their leader was a violent psychotic boy called Alpha who mandated that every new member must go through an initiation rite, which consisted of them wearing a red mask while keeping a lookout for police as others members robbed a place. This however naturally made the new members an easier target for the police. One of the new members however fell to his death and Batman upon learning this decided to hunt the gang down.

Jason however arrived at the Wolves' hideout before Bruce and fought everyone there himself, something Batman marveled at. He was however stopped by him as he pulled out a gun and he took him to the place he was staying at. Batman realized that he came after the Wolves because they were responsible for his elder brother Danny, the same member whose death by falling Batman had come upon earlier and was surprised to learn he was a fan of him, having decorated his room's with his pictures as well as that of his allies and enemies. Batman was someone he could relate to and was inspired by him, with Bruce soon deciding to take him in since he had been lonely after Dick left him.

Both Barbara and Alfred however believed that Bruce was too eager to admit him under his wing and Alfred thought he was greatly talented like Dick, but was also violent. Alfred later informed Bruce about Jason being obsessed with the Robin suit, but got told that he knows that he'll only be suitable enough to wear it when Bruce so thinks so. Alfred however found the suit missing when Bruce had gone out to fight crime later in the evening, with Jason having stolen it to follow Batman and jumping into his fight with Firefly and other goons.

Though Jason subdued Firefly, Bruce became upset at him following him and getting into danger. The two later acrimoniously argued at the Batcave, until Alfred intervened and demanded they stop or leave the vigilante life permanently. Jason explained to Bruce that he wasn't like Dick and all he wanted was a chance to prove himself, promising to show that he can trust him. Bruce happily accepted and the two soon became the new Batman-Robin duo. Though he proved effective as a team member, Jason also derived fun in hurting Batman's rogues, reserving the worst for the more violent ones.

During one Halloween night, Scarecrow used the broadcast signals to drive the city into panic, while holding a news station hostage with his Skeleton Crew. Jason soon bust in and kicked him in the face, despite earlier planning to enter stealthily with Batgirl and Batman. Scarecrow gets confused as to why they aren't paralyzed by fear, before learning they're wearing signal blockers. As he tried throwing a fear-toxin grenade, Jason knocked it out of his hand and ripped his mask off to expose him to fear, before punching him out of the news station's broken window. Batman rescued him and berated Jason for almost killing him, which Jason was happy about since it would send other criminals a message.

Joker indeed got the message and started preparing to take Jason down, while Alfred questioned Bruce about Jason's violent methods. Bruce however refused to say he had made a mistake in making him Robin, before Alfred showed him the results of his test on Jason's costume, which confirmed he wasn't ever infected by Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. Bruce then admitted he already knew the truth, which Jason became upset about after overhearing and tried to leave the Wayne Manor. As Bruce tried to stop him, he kicked him away and stole the Robin Suit, before leaving the Batcave on the Batcycle. Alfred tells Tim that Bruce did see Jason once again after that, which he considers was his life's worst tragedy, but it may become worse now that he's back.

Batman later arrives at the Den, where he had first met Jason, and is soon confronted by him. As Bruce questions him, Jason reveals he disappeared from Gotham after he left him to die during their last encounter with the Joker and after recovering, adopted the new disguise of the Red Hood, similar to the mask his brother Danny was made to wear before dying. As he states he'll soon get to everyone on his hit list, Bruce asks him to come home. Jason mocks him for being oblivious to the Den being a trap due to his emotions, before shooting at the whiskey bottles filled with gasoline. As the Den explodes, Batman is forced to escape and sees Red Hood fleeing, knowing this will end in the deaths of the Bat-Family or Jason's.

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