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"Red Son Rising, Part 2": This story is reprinted from Batman: The Adventures Continue #11 (Digital) and Batman: The Adventures Continue #12 (Digital).

Batman: The Adventures Continue #6 is an issue of the series Batman: The Adventures Continue (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2021. It was published on November 3, 2020.

Synopsis for "Red Son Rising, Part 2"

This story is reprinted from Batman: The Adventures Continue #11 (Digital) and Batman: The Adventures Continue #12 (Digital).

Batman arrives at Leslie Thompkin's clinic while she gives a tetanus shot to the girl Keri, and tells her that Jason is alive after she sends the kid home. He adds that he's acquired a more angrier personality than before and he thought that he might have come to visit her, since he always liked her. Many years ago, Leslie while treating the young Jason, worried how he received more injuries, than Dick ever did. As she told him that he was too stubborn and reckless. Jason claimed he could handle himself. Leslie chided him, saying that she had heard this from other kids before and he's bound to get involved in a fight with someone who he won't be able to easily handle like has done before.

As Batman tries to tell Leslie to contact him if Jason ever shows up to his clinic, she blames him for letting Jason run around as Robin, even though he was out of a control. Bruce reminds her that he was going to revoke his permission to Jason to remain a vigilante, but he ran off and he tried finding him. Though she agrees, she states that it was everyone's responsibility to look after him and he was responsible for what befell the kid, which made them responsible too. As she tells him to leave, she apologizes for berating him and states that after whatever has happened due to his vigilante lifestyle, he should probably stop being Batman.

Back in the Batcave, Alfred tells Tim that though he never saw Jason again after he ran away, his ruthless attacks on criminals later on did get noticed by the Bat-Family. As he struck out out on his own, Jason started brutally beating up any criminals he found, showing restraint only when they surrendered. The worst punishment however was reserved for Batman's usual foes, whom he showed no mercy at all. Alfred then shows Tim the surveillance footage of Jason's most brutal attack, which was duel with Killer Croc on a ship in Gotham Harbor. After being kicked from behind, Croc ripped off the battleship's cannon and tried hitting Jason with it. The brutal Robin after dodging it proceeded to shoot at him, making him fall in the water.

Though Croc had survived, the reputation of Commissioner Gordon and Batman himself was being stained due to Jason's attacks. When he interrogated Sid the Squid, who had deep connections in the Gotham underworld, Batman was told about a rumor that Robin would strike at Joker next. Harley and Joker meanwhile were out on a date, though Joker instead took her to a carnival instead of doing something romantic. Becoming frustrated, she came after him with a bulldozer. She later started destroying every place they had gone together as a couple, and Jason decided to strike. She pretended to agree to help her find the Joker, allowing the clown to shock him from behind, making him realize the "breakup" was a charade all along.

Alfred tells Tim that Harley had fooled Jason, so he could be caught by the Joker, and tells him what happened next, based on the confession given by Harley in past. Jason was taken to Joker's new hideout, with both Harley and Joker stating that he was mentally unstable and violent. Joker then stated how he a threat to Gotham's criminals, recounting the brutal attacks he mounted on Batman's enemies. He then started beating the kid to death with a crowbar and had Harley taken away when she tried to intervene. Bruce soon found his way to the hideout and upon seeing Harley, realized Joker must be inside. After dealing with the goons, he left Harley cuffed outside despite her assurance that she will help him.

Upon finding a badly beaten Jason, Bruce was shocked and ordered Joker to get away. The clown however ordered his men to fire at him, wrongly believing that the hydrogen in the tanks lying around their hideout wouldn't catch fire. As they exploded upon being accidentally struck by the bullets, Joker tried to flee, but an explosion tossed his car over him. Batman soon released Jason from his restraints, and his protégé told him that he was dying, requesting him to kill Joker in revenge, just like he in past had went to hunt down those who were responsible for Danny's death. Bruce rejected doing so, stating he would become like the Joker if he did, upon which Jason reasoned that he never will.

As Batman instead rescued Joker by turning over the car he was buried under, Jason tried stopping him. His weak state however caused him to fall over a bunch of tanks, which soon exploded due to the fire. Batman was forced to run away while carrying Joker and soon started searching the debris for Jason's body. Being unable to find him, he left with the Joker and kept coming back for months, trying to find anything that could indicate Jason was alive, but eventually accepted he had died. As Alfred finishes the tale, Tim states he understands now why Batman is so moody. He then questions him as to why Bruce made him Robin and when he hesitates, states that he used to be just like Jason - fighting criminals alone before eventually becoming a Robin, even though Bruce had initially rejected making him one.

As Tim questions if Bruce just selected him to make up for what happened in past, Alfred states that Batman is empathetic to those who fight back despite their losses and unlike Jason, Tim has dedication and integrity. He adds that he never would have been a Robin if they doubted him. Batman then arrives in the Batcave and states he is correct, adding what occurred to Jason was his greatest mistake. Tim however realizes he is a fake and tosses him over. The "Batman" turns out to be Jason and is told by Tim that the real one would never apologize. As Jason admits he is right, he is soon attacked by Alfred, who he quickly knocks out. He then knocks Tim unconscious when he attacks in retaliation and drags him upstairs.

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