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"Red Son Rising, Part 3": This story is reprinted from Batman: The Adventures Continue #13 (Digital) and Batman: The Adventures Continue #14 (Digital).

Batman: The Adventures Continue #7 is an issue of the series Batman: The Adventures Continue (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2021. It was published on December 1, 2020.

Synopsis for "Red Son Rising, Part 3"

This story is reprinted from Batman: The Adventures Continue #13 (Digital) and Batman: The Adventures Continue #14 (Digital).

Leslie stumbles upon the Red Hood, who is trying to steal her medicines, while checking her clinic. As he thanks her for turning on the lights, she recognizes his voice as that of Jason and tells him to take off his mask. Jason however stops her as she attempts to take it off herself, and pushes her away. Leslie expresses shock at the fact that he's become a thief, but Jason assures that he will use it for good and he knows that she hasn't been on good terms with Bruce since his assumed death. telling her to stick with what she knows best, he also informs that Alfred was hurt the last time he visited the manor, and she might want to check up on him.

After Leslie calls him, Bruce tells her that Alfred's okay. She still blames her for what happened to Jason, but tells him to do whatever he needs to in order to stop and save Jason, as he's become something very twisted. Batgirl and Alfred wonder why Jason took Tim, with Batman telling them in response that he's using his current partner. Batman decides to search all the areas where Jason was previously spotted on his own, but Batgirl decides to follow him despite Alfred's warning, as she knows it would be dangerous.

Meanwhile somewhere in the sewers, Jason wakes Tim up and tells him he had dressed him up in his Robin costume, but took his utility belt so he can't escape the glass box he has him trapped in. As Tim tries breaking the box, he tells him to cease his futile attacks as it's unbreakable, and leaves after he asks him the reason as to why he kidnapped him. Later at the Iceberg Lounge, the Joker requests the Penguin for some money, but the latter questions why he has hired Straightman in place of Harley. As he jokes how Harley left him for Poison Ivy and told him that they should see other people, Penguin states he knows someone is after him and he wants to see how it ends.

The Joker asks Straightman to attack the Penguin, but he quickly calls in his henchman Mr. Wing to deal with him. As Straightman and Mr. Wing fight, the former overpowers the latter. Joker reveals how he had busted in on a military experiment which the government was using to turn Straightman, who was then a soldier, into a super-human. Using his knowledge about the brain, Joker performed a surgery which allowed him to recruit the soldier. After Straightman defeats Mr. Wing, Jason soon mounts his attack using a dart gun. He knocks the joker out, before firing a hail of darts at Straightman and kicking him towards the fake glacier's top. He then tosses a grenade at the ice chandelier, causing it to shatter and fall with its jagged edges upon Straightman.

Before leaving the Iceberg Lounge with the unconscious Joker, Jason tells the Penguin to inform Batman that Red Hood had been there. When Batman and Batgirl later arrive to investigate, the Penguin berates him for never being there when he's actually needed. Barbara soon notices wet footprints and the Penguin states that Red Hood did smell strange. Upon investigating, Batman realizes he's been hiding in the sewers and he must be using Killer Croc's old lair. He soon turns around to find Batgirl unconscious and as he investigate, he discovers a dart. Jason soon surfaces behind from a sewer grate and assures she'll be all right, before knocking him out too.

Joker wakes Batman up, telling him it's probably his fault and he should get him freed. Tim tells the clown that no one would be able to leave and assures Batman he's doing fine for now, despite being trapped in a glass tank slowly filling up with water. Jason soon arrives and tells Batman it's up to him whether Tim survives. As he states they should start before he is submerged in water, Batman secretly tells Tim about stopping the water flow from the pipe and using the resultant pressure. Jason however takes his words about Tim being around the block and knowing how to handle the pressure literally, telling him he had been a Robin himself and was far better than Dick Grayson.

Joker while freeing himself of his handcuffs using a lockpick, realizes the Red Hood is the Robin that got left behind in the explosion of his headquarters years ago, while Batman was busy saving him instead. Jason confirms, but adds that he was able to luckily escape using a parade balloon. Joker decides to leave, expressing no interest in his dispute with Batman, but soon gets shot in the shoulder. Jason then tells Batman that he's going to correct his mistake, by beating the Joker to death with a crowbar, or Tim will drown. Batman however expresses confidence that Tim will survive. Jason then decides to give a gun to Joker, so Batman would have to kill him in self-defense, but the clown tosses it away, stating it's not fun.

As Red Hood shoots at the ground to warn Joker to pick up the gun, the clown mocks him stating Batman would just find another Robin if the current one died. Joker's ramblings allow the pressure in the pipe, which has been clogged with Tim's cowl, to build up. He also warns that if Hood kills him, Batman would hand him over to the cops, resulting in the whole Bat-family being eventually exposed, which he thinks will be fun as he's tried to destroy them for years but failed. As Hood warns him he would shoot him if he doesn't pick up the gun, Joker activates a transmitter, which allows the still-alive Straightman to discover their location. Straightman busts in through the floor and pins Jason down upon Joker's order.

Turning around to kill Tim, he realizes he's broken out of the tank, and is soon knocked out with the crowbar. Tim then hands it to Batman, so he can fight Straightman, but his opponent however proves too powerful. hit the wall instead, As Straightman tries punching him, Batman dodges and decides to use his strength against him, causing him to hit the wall every time he strikes. This causes the old sewer pipes to break and release a great amount of water. The Joker and Straightman soon get washed away, but Tim successfully rescues Jason by jutting the crowbar in the wall, causing him to dangle by his jacket. as Batman tries rescuing him and asks him to come back, Jason states he won't be able to change his violent ways.

As Tim informs them that the hideout is collapsing, Jason unhooks his jacket and falls into the water, so Batman won't risk himself for him. Barbara soon busts in from above using explosives, saving Tim and Batman from the flooding hideout. She later searches for any trace of the Joker, Straightman and Jason using drones, but fails to find any. As atman wonders if he made a mistake with Barbara and Tom just like he did with Jason, Tim states that Jason came to know his former mentor would never give up on him and Barbara adds that he had made his choice about what he wanted to become, just like them. Tim then assures Batman that they will always stick with him.

The next day, Jason regains consciousness aboard a ship, finding Deathstroke and his partner Sunny standing next to him. Slade explains that he had found out that he was the mysterious man who had been stalking them, which allowed them to rescue him while he washed away by the water. Upon being questioned as to how he escaped jail, Slade states he bribed the authorities for parole. He tells him to get rest, stating he's a man with great potential and he could find shelter with them if he needs one, adding one often finds a new family when they need it.

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