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Teaser: The episode starts with Batman fighting Kobra members in a castle. The Kobra leader is performing a ritual to sacrifice a woman's soul. Suddenly, The Outsiders arrive. Black Lightning and Katana get new costumes that look that ones their comic counterparts wear. Plus The Outsiders get 3 new

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Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster! is an episode of season 2 of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It premiered on May 29, 2010.

Synopsis for "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!"

Teaser: The episode starts with Batman fighting Kobra members in a castle. The Kobra leader is performing a ritual to sacrifice a woman's soul. Suddenly, The Outsiders arrive. Black Lightning and Katana get new costumes that look that ones their comic counterparts wear. Plus The Outsiders get 3 new members, Geo-Force, Halo and Looker. The Outsiders leap into action and take down some guards. Thanks to the Outsiders, Batman manages to even the odds and stop the ritual just in time. But a giant cobra emerges and attacks Batman. Batman escapes and rescues the woman. Batman hands the woman to Halo and fights the cobra only to have him get wrapped up in the cobra's coils. Black Lightning and Geo-Force save Batman from the cobra and Metamorpho knocks out the leader. Batman gives the team congrats only to discover they forgot to take out the bridge to prevent other Kobra members to come and join the fight. More Kobra members arrive to battle Batman and The Outsiders. Main Plot: Two Years ago, Batman is tied to a chair at the hands of Gorilla Grodd only to get saved by Barry Allen a.k.a. The second Flash. Then Flash is captured by Captain Boomerang only to get saved by Batman. Batman and The Flash are then captured by Mirror Master but thanks to their quick thinking, they manage to defeat him. In the present, The Flash is dead. Heat Wave robs a bank only to get stopped by Batman. Weather Wizard and Captain Cold arrive and attack Batman. Batman distracts them long enough to knock Heat Wave and Captain Cold out but gets sucked into a tornado by Weather Wizard. Captain Cold then traps him in ice but escapes before Heat Wave roasts him with the flamethrower but it does melt the statue dedicated to The Flash. Weather Wizard traps Batman in the lava created by the melting statue and Captain Cold freezes it, trapping him. Batman notices that the villains seem depressed at Flash's death. The villains reject it though. Suddenly, the original Flash a.k.a. Jay Garrick arrive and knock the villains out. The villains seem happy to see The Flash only to discover that it's the "geezer Flash". Flash makes Captain Cold accidentally freeze Heat Wave only to get captured by Weather Wizard. Kid Flash a.k.a. Wally West arrives and saves him. Flash freeze Batman while Kid Flash battles Captain Cold. Thanks to an accident, Kid Flash knocks out Captain Cold. Heat Wave escapes only to get knocked out by Batman, thus ending the battle.

The police arrive and take the villains to jail. Flash says thanks to Kid Flash but he coldly replies then runs off after telling Batman to say hi to his best friend Nightwing. Batman asked what was that about and Jay tells the story on The Flash's death. The Flash was chasing Professor Zoom The Reverse-Flash all ity The Flash called in Jay and Kid Flash to help. The chase continued all over the country even breaking the sound barrier over the Pacific Ocean.Suddenly, a rift in another dimension opens up and sucks them in. After Zoom dies, The Flash sacrifices his life to save Jay and Kid Flash. Kid Flash has been trying to fill Barry's spot and blames Jay for his death. Batman tries to comfort him but Jay is started to think he is responsible. Jay says he sees Barry everywhere he goes but Batman tells him to get some rest.

On tbe way home in the batmobile , Batman thinks he sees Barry and crashes his car. Batman, Flash, and Kid Flash got to the Flash museum to investigate. Batman then asks about the cosmic treadmill. Jay tells it's still intact. Kid Flash then says he saw Flash's ghost which results to Jay and Kid arguing over not telling each other they saw Barry's ghost. Batman breaks up the argument and tells Kid Flash to prepare the treadmill. Batman, Flash, and Kid Flash begin running on the treadmill after Kid Flash turns it on. The treadmill opens up a portal and leads them into the future where Professor Zoom is the ruler. High-tech cops arrive to take them to jail. Kid Flash attacks but the guards dodge it and knock him out. Batman tries to escape but is captured by the cops but Flash manages to escape. While Batman and Kid Flash are being hauled to prison, Kid thinks Jay abandoned them. The guards take them before Lord Zoom. Zoom reveals how he survived, Zoom lured them into the lightspeed dimension but Zoom escaped and made it into the future as did Barry. Zoom knocks out Barry. Zoom reveals Flash in a giant bubble, constantly running and powering his fortress at the same time.

Flash arrives and manages to knock out the guards and free Batman and Kid Flash. Zoom attacks them and traps them in the bubble with The Flash to start running and powering Zoom's fortress Zoom takes Batman's belt and locks him in a jail cell. Zoom reveals that the Flashes speed not only powers his fortress but his speed as well. Kid Flash apologizes to Flash for being a jerk. Batman manages to escape from his cell and get his belt and a bracelet that gives Batman the ability of superspeed. Batman snags 3 more bracelets, increasing his speed. Batman knocks out the guards and confronts Zoom. Batman attacks Zoom but Zoom dodges it and counterattacks, sending Batman flying across the throne room. The Flash tells Flash and Kid Flash his plan to speed up and create a dimensional rift. Zoom defeats Batman. The Flashes create the rift and Flash and Kid Flash push The Flash through it. The Flash is now free and sets off to defeat Zoom. Batman battles Zoom but Zoom is gaining the upper hand. Zoom knocks him out but The Flash arrives and the 2 engage in battle. Zoom gets the upper hand but The Flash chases Zoom all over the world. Zoom manages to load some punches on The Flash while running on the Pacific ocean. The 2 run in a circle, creating a canyon. The Flash runs his hand over the wall, making it icy. The Flash then stops running and Zoom runs into Flash. The Flash trips him and slides on the wall. Zoom gets back up but The Flash delivers a few punches that knock Zoom out. Batman, The Flash, Flash, and Kid Flash arrive back at Central City. Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, and Heat Wave see The Flash and are happy to see The Flash has returned. The episode ends with Flash, Kid Flash, and The Flash beating up the rogues.

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