The Clock King has captured Batman and Green Arrow and is dangling them over a vat of acid. He and his henchmen depart on a clock helicopter and as the clock strikes midnight the weight lowers them into the acid. Green Arrow uses a rocket arrow to free Batman's hand and Batman severs the

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Gibble Leader

Rise of the Blue Beetle! is an episode of season 1 of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. It premiered on November 14, 2008.

Appearing in "Rise of the Blue Beetle!"

Featured Characters:



  • Museum of Clocks



Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • The Gibbles (First appearance)
    • Gibble Leader (First appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Paco (First appearance)
  • Jaime's posters:
  • Superman (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for "Rise of the Blue Beetle!"

The Clock King has captured Batman and Green Arrow and is dangling them over a vat of acid. He and his henchmen depart on a clock helicopter and as the clock strikes midnight the weight lowers them into the acid. Green Arrow uses a rocket arrow to free Batman's hand and Batman severs the wait lifting them up to safety. They take on the clock guardians while Batman admits to himself he'd rather have Green Arrow at his side than anyone else.

Jaime and his friend Paco are discussing Batman and how he can defeat Superman. They catch a newscast showing Green Arrow and Batman defeating the Clock King and his minions, and Jaime wonders if he could ever be a hero. After Paco leaves, Jaime goes to the window and finds Batman waiting for him. Batman needs his help to deal with an approaching meteorite and Jaime concentrates. A blue scarab on his back glows and a suit of armor covers Jaime's body. He flies out the window and Batman follows with his jet pack. Batman wants to determine if Jaime has what it takes to be a hero. They fly up into a space and prepare to face an oncoming meteorite. Jaime's suit takes control and launches him at the meteorite. The Blue Beetle Scarab creates a hyperspace portal and the two heroes fly through it and find themselves on an alien planet. A space ship is attacking the local civilization of amoeba creatures, scooping them up in tractor beams despite their efforts to fight back. The ship commanded by Kanjar Ro, departs with its cargo.

The heroes walk through the village and the locals arrive, hailing Blue Beetle as a hero. They identify themselves as the Gibbles and say that Kanjar Ro returns every season to harvest them as fuel. They are surprised Blue Beetle has returned after his last confrontation with Kanjar Ro's Gamma Gong. Blue Beetle has no idea but Batman assumes the previous host of the Blue Beetle scarab. The Gibbles assume Batman is his sidekick and Blue Beetle initially objects, but Batman decides to play along, bowing to Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle isn't thrilled but decides to play along. Batman has Blue Beetle rally the Gibble to form an army. He doesn't have much luck and the Gibbles insist he save them on his own. He explains that they won't always be able to rely on him. The Gibbles rally to the cause and depart in an armada.

In space, Blue Beetle worries if he can handle it and Batman assures him to rely on his intelligence as much as his powers. They arrive at Kanjar Ro's planet and descend onto his fortress. Kanjar Ro is distilling a Gibble for energy when he realizes his soldiers are under attack. Kanjar Ro attacks Blue Beetle directly. Blue Beetle tries to get the suit to work and it finally generates a set of blasters. Kanjar Ro opens fire on the Gibbles and then focuses on Batman. Blue Beetle intervenes, generating a shield, and then knocks Kanjar Ro through the floor. As the Gibbles cheer their hero, Kanjar Ro secretly makes his way to his armory and arms himself.

Blue Beetle enjoys his newfound frame and ignores Batman's advice not to let his victory go to is head. Kanjar Ro frees his men and Batman tells Blue Beetle to follow his lead. However, the young hero overconfidently leaps into the fray. Kanjar Ro's troops subdue Batman while Kanjar Ro uses his Gamma Gong, damaging the scarab suit. Batman manages to free himself but Kanjar Ro subdues him. Blue Beetle goes to his defense but Kanjar Ro activates the Gamma Gong again and blasts the suit off of Jaime. Powerless, Jaime tells the Gibbles to attack but they ignore him. Kanjar Ro notices the scarab on Jaime's back and plans to take it.

Kanjar Ro leaves Batman and the Gibbles tied to a metal satellite and leaves them at a nearby planet, where alien creatures move in to eat. Batman frees himself and then taps into the Gibbles for power. The alien creatures are shocked and retreat, and the Gibbles are inspired.

On his ship, Kanjar Ro uses his Gamma Gong to find the right frequency to remove the scarab. Batman secretly boards the ship and subdues the soldiers. He finds Kanjar Ro and knocks him back into the Gamma Gong, hitting the frequency to remove the scarab. Kanjar Ro takes it and a suit of Blue Beetle Armor forms around him. He fights Batman who barely manages to stay one step ahead of the now super-powered Villain. Meanwhile, Jaime realizes he wasn't thinking and wonders Batman would do. Spotting the release lever, he shorts it out by spitting on it and frees himself.

On the deck of the ship, Batman finally goes down and Kanjar Ro moves in for the kill. Jaime arrives and activates the Gamma Gong, blasting the scarab of Kanjar Ro and takes it back. As Kanjar Ro draws a gun, The Gibbles arrive using themselves as a power source and defeat Kanjar Ro on their own. Back on their planet, the Gibbles thank the heroes and make a (relatively small) statue of Batman next to their statue of Blue Beetle. They return through the portal and find themselves back in space above Earth, a second after they left. Working together, Batman and his partner deal with the meteor.


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