This hardcover is the fourth collection to reprint all Batman stories from the issues of Batman, in chronological order. This fourth collection reprints stories from October, 1942 to April, 1943.

This hardcover collects stories from the following comic books:

  • Batman #13:
    • The Batman Plays a Lone Hand
    • Comedy of Tears
    • The Story of the Seventeen Stones
    • Destination Unknown
  • Batman #14:
    • The Case Batman Failed to Solve!
    • Prescription for Happiness
    • Swastika over the White House
    • Bargains in Banditry
  • Batman #15:
    • Your Face Is Your Fortune
    • The Boy Who Wanted to Be Robin
    • The Two Futures
    • The Loneliest Men in the World
  • Batman #16:
    • The Joker Reforms
    • The Grade A Crimes!
    • The Adventure of the Branded Tree
    • Here Comes Alfred

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