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"Fear of the Dark": Earth -32. Gotham City

Quote1.png A world of light. A city of hope. Disgusting. Let them feel helpless. Let them feel the void. Let them feel - like me. Quote2.png
Batman: The Dawnbreaker

Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of December, 2017. It was published on October 4, 2017.

Synopsis for "Fear of the Dark"

Earth -32. Gotham City

On Earth -32, Joe Chill just killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. The impact that the murder had on Bruce was to make him obliterate all fear, replaced by a dark, deep void. In that moment, a Green Lantern Ring descends: Bruce Wayne is a man who overcame great fear, and so was selected to be the newest member of the Corps. With the ring on his finger, Bruce flies towards Chill and kills him, overcoming the Ring's own security protocol and unlocking lethal force with his will for vengeance. Soon, Bruce started to introduce darkness inside the Ring, making it an instruments of death for all criminals, butchering all the villains in Gotham City and beyond.

Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon are his victims as well, as they try to question him about his sense of justice, especially when he decided to bring the Penguin in open space, ripping him apart and letting his guts fly all over Gotham. But with the death of Jim Gordon, the Corps decide to intervene, and the Guardians themselves come to Earth to strip Bruce from his membership. But the Lantern was ready: using his constructs made of darkness, he kills all the Corps that came for him. He is the Dawnbreaker, the one who will take away light to fill the world with the darkness living inside him. Soon after, his planet crumbles: around him the same void he feels living in himself, and then the voice of the Batman who Laughs, recruiting him in Barbatos' elite, with the promise that the Demon will grant him the life of his parents back for his service.

Earth-0. Coast City

The Dawnbreaker steps inside Coast City, ready to release darkness. Hal tries to intervene, but his Ring cannot process the constructs the Dawnbreaker creates: he's going to be consumed by darkness. But Doctor Fate comes for him, rescuing Green Lantern, teleporting him away as his life is key to save the Multiverse: Coast City will have to wait, no matter how much Hal wants to stay. And so Green Lantern's city is slowly consumed by the dark void...

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  • The Dawnbreaker is revealed to be a Bruce Wayne who became a corrupted Green Lantern after seeing his parents dying and, as a consequence, murdering Joe Chill in Crime Alley.


  • The title of this issue, like all the titles of the Dark Knights tie-ins (with the exception of The Batman Who Laughs Vol 1 1), is titled after a popular metal song. In this case, Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden.

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