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"Symphony of Destruction": Dark Multiverse. Earth -1

Quote1 At the end, I hope you understand the truth, Clark. I hope you can feel my hate. Because you did this. Like you did on my world. Like you do on every world. You made them believe. You fooled them into always thinking that you would always be there for them, to save them, to lift them up, to make them better. And that belief is exactly what will drag your entire world to devastation. Quote2
The Devastator

Batman: The Devastator #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of January, 2018. It was published on November 1, 2017.

Synopsis for "Symphony of Destruction"

Dark Multiverse. Earth -1

Superman has always been Bruce's best friend, but he was not only that: he was a beacon of hope for humanity. The people of Earth looked at him as an omniscient guardian, the one force they could always rely upon, no matter what happened and who was the enemy. Bruce believed in him as well, and hoped for a better future, both for himself and the entire planet. But one day, everything faded: the League tried to find what happened, if it was a solar storm who influenced him, or maybe a new kind of kryptonite Lex Luthor developed. But it was nothing that particular: Superman just lied to everyone. Batman looked at him destroying buildings full of people for fun, enjoying the kill. He still hoped in his heart that there was a reason, and maybe a cure to bring back his best friend.

But then, Clark killed Lois Lane. The woman he always loved more than anyone, or so he claimed. When he understood there was nothing to do or think about what Superman truly was, Batman took the final decision: he infected himself with a modified strain of the Doomsday Virus that Bruce himself modified. Transforming in an abomination resembling the original Doomsday, but also armed with Bruce's intellect and a powerful kryptonite breath, the Batman now calling himself the Devastator killed Superman. But after doing it, he realized it was too late: the Earth was doomed, fading away from existence. That's when he came: the Batman who Laughs.

He spoke to him about the Dark Multiverse, a dimension where his world and the world of many other Batmen stayed. He explained about the fact that worlds part of this dimension were condemned since the beginning, to let another Multiverse survive. And then, he spoke of one particular version of Earth where the hope and belief residing in the figure of Superman was stronger than ever. The Batman who Laughs will bring the Devastator to this world, so that him and Barbatos will be able to show humanity how wrong they are about their boy scout in blue. And of course, the Devastator accepted: he was not able to save the people of his world from the lies of Clark, but he will do it on this new Earth.

Multiverse. Earth-0. Metropolis

Lois and Jimmy are talking about what happened to the planet and the heroes, whom disappeared from the country. All of them, including their hero: Superman. Lois tells Jimmy to be hopeful, and that all will be well. In that moment, Bruce Wayne enters the Daily Planet: Lois, seeing him, asks him why is he here and not out helping with the crisis. But then, Bruce transforms: he's not this Earth's Batman, but the Devastator. Lois is shocked by the vision, and even more shocked when Bruce reveals he made her spread his Doomsday Virus in all Metropolis: the citizens of Superman's city will all turn into Doomsdays, so that they will be able to fight against him when they understand his lies.

As the Devastator heads to the Fortress of Solitude, Lois goes home and locks Jon inside a safe bunker, built to resist even to the Man of Steel himself. Jon is afraid and cannot comprehend what is happening, but then he sees it: outside of the glass wall of his safe room, his mother is turning into a Doomsday-like monster.

Meanwhile, Devastator reached the Fortress and made quick work of Lobo. Then, he did what Barbatos ordered him: he stole the tuning fork of the Anti-Monitor that this Earth's Bruce Wayne hid under Superman's place. The fork will harness Superman's power, as Clark is now trapped and used as an all-powerful battery in the Dark Multiverse, to bring the entire Multiverse into the Dark. And so because of Superman, everything will fall, and this time, maybe, people will understand that their hoping towards the Man of Steel is false and wrong.

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