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Batman: Three Jokers (Volume 1) was a limited series, published by DC Black Label. It ran from 2020 until 2020. It starred Joker, Batman, Red Hood, and Batgirl.




  • The canonicity of Three Jokers has been subject to debate; a common answer given by DC staff members related to the project was that its continuity was up to the individual reader. However, some staff members have stated their opinion one way or the other:
  • Geoff Johns, the writer of the book, stated at DC Fandome in September of 2020 that he felt the story was "in continuity". For our purposes on this website, as Johns is the authority on his story, we've treated this as evidence of its canonicity on Prime Earth.[1]
  • However, in a November interview with Comic Book Resources, Johns walked his statement back, returning to DC Comics' official stance that Three Jokers' canon was up to the reader.[2] Taking this call for interpretation into consideration (and for the sake of simplicity), the DC Database continues to consider the story canonical to Prime Earth.
  • Jason Fabok, the artist of the series, has continued to assert that the canonicity of the series was up to fan interpretation, seeming to prefer that the story was non-canonical. He was quoted on Twitter saying: "All my favorite stories are out of continuity so that appeals to me more." [3]
  • Also, despite DC's unclear stance, the Three Jokers storyline was foreshadowed within Prime Earth canon as early as Justice League (Volume 2) #50, when Batman asked the Mobius Chair the Joker's true identity. Batman would later tell Green Lantern in DCU: Rebirth #1 that its answer was "there are three." Both issues were written by series creator Geoff Johns.
  • James Tynion IV, the writer of the main Batman series at the time of Three Jokers release, stated that Three Jokers would have no impact on the story he was telling. He compared the series to that of Batman/Catwoman, which he said he believed was also non-canonical. [4]


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