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"Two Faces": It's the year 1886, Bruce Wayne is organizing a gala to exhibit the Twilight Orchid, a rare flower with unique characteristics. During the day, the flower is exquisitely colored and perfumed and attracts a large amount of insects. At night however, it turns into a weed, attracting o

Batman: Two Faces #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 1998.

Synopsis for "Two Faces"

It's the year 1886, Bruce Wayne is organizing a gala to exhibit the Twilight Orchid, a rare flower with unique characteristics. During the day, the flower is exquisitely colored and perfumed and attracts a large amount of insects. At night however, it turns into a weed, attracting only pests. Miss Pamela Isley, Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon and many of Gotham's finest attend the gala when Two Face storms in and steals the flower. Bruce attempts to stop the criminal, but he easily bests him and takes Pamela as a hostage. As Two Face and his thugs escape, they kill Pamela while Bruce Wayne watches helplessly.

Bruce blames himself for Pamela's death, and Alfred tries to comfort him. Bruce reveals that he hopes to create a potion derived from the flower, which was retrieved from Miss Isley's dead hands, a potion which would cure Two Face from his dual personality. Finalizing the potion, Bruce tests it on himself. He suddenly develops super-human strength, agility and a new sense of courage and purpose. He puts together a costume and sets off to battle crime on Two Face's terms.

While Batman destroys Two Face's criminal empire, Annie, a prostitute who works at Selina Kyle's brothel accompanies a strange gentleman. The man starts laughing hysterically and kills Annie, who is revealed to be his fourth victim.

Commissioner Gordon asks Bruce Wayne for help, this serial killer who calls himself the Joker is murdering women and mutilating them to look like they are smiling. Bruce dons his cape and cowl and gets ready to take down the psychopath. Selina Kyle, donning a crime-fighting outfit of her own, attacks him. After revealing to her his identity, they decide to team up in their efforts to capture the smiling murderer.

Selina comes upon the Joker, attacking a group of Two Face's lackeys. Selina tries her best to stop him, but she is no match for his super-human strength. She tries to run, but is injured by the Joker, and by the time Batman arrives to her help, her condition has gotten worse. She is paralyzed from the waist down and will never walk again. Alfred tries to convince Bruce to stop drinking the potion, which seems to be having some detrimental effects. Bruce dismisses his advice and consumes a more powerful batch. He falls in a deep sleep and wakes up with a head full of revelations. He writes a letter to Gordon, and another to Two Face, summoning them to a meeting that will be most revealing.

Batman reveals to Gordon that he is putting himself at the Law's mercy, and to Two Face that he has a potion that may cure him of his duality. He handcuffs himself and then transforms into the Joker, the opposite side of the Batman. Just as one side was courageous and doing his best to stop crime, the other was bent on destruction and chaos. Two Face, Gordon and the Joker fight, and just as the Joker is about to kill Harvey, the Batman takes control of Bruce's body and he falls to his death. Acting upon Bruce's last wishes, Two Face takes the potion and creates a new identity for himself, a superhuman who dons the cape and cowl of Batman, fighting for the side of justice.

Perry refers to a story that occurred in Bavaria around the same time as this tale, one that is filled with Inhuman tragedy and blasphemous outrages against nature.

Appearing in "Two Faces"

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Other Characters:

  • James Gordon
  • Pamela Isley (Dies)



  • None.


  • None.


  • The Superman Monster is a loose sequel to this story.
  • This story is inspired by the novel Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.


  • The story starts with a newspaper headline with the date September 17, 1886.

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