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"Batman Universe, Part 2": This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #5 and Batman Giant #6.

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Green Arrow

Batman: Universe #2 is an issue of the series Batman: Universe (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2019. It was published on August 14, 2019.

Synopsis for "Batman Universe, Part 2"

This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #5 and Batman Giant #6.

As Green Arrow and Batman interrogate the Riddler, he asks them one of his first riddles Batman had heard. Nygma responds that him being chased by around Batman has mentally exhausted him and he's been a nightmare for him since they very first time they fought. As he asks another riddle in response to Batman asking about his employer, the Amsterdam police surrounds them.

Batman and Green Arrow use smoke-screens to escape but realize Riddler himself is getting away from them. They come across a breadcrumb trail, but Batman warns against following it as he's trying to fool them and suggests zipping to the top instead. Oliver grabs Nygma with a rope before he can fly away using his staff and he is knocked out by Batman.

Arrow finds a note inside the box Riddler was escaping with, asking if they thought he's stupid, and Batman thinks something's not right with him which intrigues him. The box sprays Oliver with a neurotoxin, driving him wild before Batman can use the antidote on him. As the two fight, Bruce eventually overpowers him using his shock gloves, allowing him time to use the antidote.

Arrow realizes that Riddler escaped, but Batman states he has a tracker on him. Meanwhile at the docks, Riddler delivers the Fabergé egg to his employer Vandal Savage and states his mind has been affected. Savage is intrigued by its side effects on him while also learning he hasn't looked inside it and states he has searched for the egg for a very long time.

Batman discovers that the egg the Riddler stole emitted a strange radiation that is unidentifiable and finds it temporarily affected both his as well as Nygma's intelligence. Batman orders the computer to contact any of the Green lanterns and learns Riddler's location from Alfred, realizing he is in Gorilla City and flies to it using the Batwing's stealth mode.

Batman tells Alfred that king Nnamdi is still angry at him which is why he can't approach him directly, but gets caught by the guards while sneaking across the palace. They let him talk to their king and he informs Nnamdi that he's looking for the Riddler. One of the gorillas reads his mind and tells the king that he's speaking the truth, leading him to state that the Riddler has a dangerous artifact in his possession.

Being intrigued, Nnamdi hands him his weapons and lets him find Riddler, who they discover is sitting unconscious in the Hall of Thrones with the Fabergé egg. Bruce finds a note that is accredited to Superman but realizes it's not his handwriting. The egg however starts glowing and Batman finds himself mysteriously teleported to Thanagar.

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