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"Batman Universe, Part 3": This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #7 and Batman Giant #8.

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Batman: Universe #3 is an issue of the series Batman: Universe (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2019. It was published on September 11, 2019.

Synopsis for "Batman Universe, Part 3"

This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #7 and Batman Giant #8.

Bruce is told to take off his cowl after waking up and remembrers he's on Thanagar. Being told to disarm himself and take off his batsuit, Batman realizes they suspect him to be a threat and asks to contact Katar Hol who can vouch for him as he's a good friend. The Thanagarians however refuse to believe him, even when he states he's a teammate of Shayera Thal.

He tells them that he's Batman, a founder of the Justice League, but they respond it doesn't mean anything to them. He informs that he got teleported to Thanagar after taking back a valuable and mysterious artifact he took back from a thief and asks they can contact Katar to vouch for him. Learning he's a friend of the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, they however release him and the chief officer Jixsa Hol requests he come with them to the science lab for medical examination.

As Batman flies away using artificial wings, one of the Thanagarian officers states that the thing that teleported him might have been an unstable quantum core. While talking about its peril, they are however suddenly attacked by Onimar Synn. During the fight, Batman gets mysteriously teleported back to Gorilla City and witnesses Nnamdi along with his fellow officers lying incapacitated. Learning from him that the man who attacked them called himself Vandal Savage, he collapses before he can tell Nnamdi about him.

Waking up in the hall of Justice, Bruce is greeted by Cyborg and Hal Jordan. Cyborg states that Superman and Wonder Woman are trying to diffuse any potential diplomatic incident with Gorilla City's king Nnamdi after Vandal Savage's attack. Batman informs Cyborg and Hal about being transported to Thanagar by a Fabergé egg the Riddler stole and which had been donated by a family member of Jonah Hex. Having learnt about the egg's radiation, they find that Vandal has taken it to Dinosaur Island.

Bruce and Hal while being transported across Dinosaur Island by the Green Lantern Ring are attacked by dinosaurs, but are able to escape after fighting some of them as Hal flies away with Bruce. They wonder whether Vandal made the dinosaurs attack them and Hal asks Bruce to hide them using his stealth technology. The two search a mountain's cave for Vandal after landing and find him unable to do anything with the egg. After finding he has left, they try to take it but get transported to the time of Jonah Hex who pulls pistols on them after hearing them utter his name.

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