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"Batman Universe, Part 4": This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #9 and Batman Giant #10.

Batman: Universe #4 is an issue of the series Batman: Universe (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2019. It was published on October 9, 2019.

Synopsis for "Batman Universe, Part 4"

This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #9 and Batman Giant #10.

As Batman tries to introduce himself to Jonah Hex, the latter aims his revolvers at him and Hal Jordan, asking how the oddly-dressed strangers know his name. Taking off his mask, Bruce asks if he has ever met someone named Vandal Savage and Hex replies in the affirmative. Batman gains his trust by stating he must have encountered advanced technology he couldn't explain about to anyone and that a Fabergé egg in possession of his great-great-granddaughter sent them into this time from the future.

Jonah tells Gary who's been accompanying him to leave the two alone and talks with them in private, stating it is likely true even if outlandish. Realizing they need to change their clothes, Jonah finds them something that suits his time. The two realize that going to the last place he saw Savage will take six days on horse, and Hal decides to use his Green Lantern Ring which only has 39 minutes of charge left, to transport all three to the place.

After recovering from the delirious effect of travelling with the Lantern ring for the first time, Hex takes them inside the mining town. Hal is however mysteriously transported away and Savage arrives on the scene to confront Batman along with his cronies. Heasks if Batman really time-travelled to get him and the Fabergé egg, Batman responds he was accidentally transported into the 19th century. Bruce tries to convince him about the egg being dangerous and creating unpredictable wormholes to no avail.

Vandal states that he could just leave him in this timeline but he'll just find a way back, which is why he'll be having his Black Order assassins take care of him, but gets shot by Jonah before he can finish the sentence. As Savage orders his assassins to attack, the egg starts glowing. Bruce and Jonah fight off the assassins, but the former eventually gets captured. He however breaks free upon seeing the egg become stable and it automatically lands in his hand, transporting him back to the 21st century near the Monarch Theater.

Alfred contacts Bruce and gets told that he lost his batsuit in 19th century and Savage may has seen him without it, though he may not recognize him yet and the batsuit will self-destruct before it can be reverse-engineered. As he notices a Lamborghini come up to him, he thinks Alfred sent it to pick him up but learns he hasn't even started it yet. Savage steps out of the car and states he has been searching for him foe one-and-a-half century, before knocking him out him with a blast from a laser gun and retrieving the egg.

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