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"Batman Universe, Part 5": This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #11 and Batman Giant #12.

Batman: Universe #5 is an issue of the series Batman: Universe (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2020. It was published on November 6, 2019.

Synopsis for "Batman Universe, Part 5"

This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #11 and Batman Giant #12.

While dying, Bruce states that he hates that he will die in the same alley his parents were killed and he doesn't feel like what he expected he would. He however realizes Alfred can't hear him as his earpiece fell out of his ear after he was blasted with the laser gun. Looking at the hole in his chest, Bruce states that he loves and admires Alfred. Meanwhile, Vandal Savage asks his cronies if they have heard anything about the Green Lanterns and especially Hal Jordan, receiving a negative response, after which he tells them to get his boat ready and states he'll choose the coordinates himself to keep the Fabergé egg away from people.

Alfred arrives in the Batmobile, but suddenly witnesses Bruce being healed from his fatal wound and figures that it's due to the egg the Riddler stole. Back at the Batcave, Bruce hears a message left by Hal to let the Justice League know in case he's back in present time safe and sound, which he does. Bruce tells Alfred that his medical scan shows he has no injury, but Alfred worries he might have been infected by al alien microorganism. Nightwing overhears them talking about the egg as he arrives at the Batcave and states he came to Gotham City to keep it safe, since Bruce went missing.

Bruce shows him what saved him from dying and tells him to come along to track it. The two travel out to the ocean in the Bat-Copter and learn Savage is taking the egg away from civilization in a submarine. After landing, they fight Savage's Black Order ninjas and infiltrate the submarine, but eventually get knocked away by the egg in the hands of Vandal Savage, who promises to grant Bruce the wish of choosing the way he dies.

Savage tells Batman he really means about letting him choose how he will die as a last wish, but the latter tries to warn him about how unstable the power source inside the Fabergé egg is. Savage however doesn't care and tells him as well as Nightwing to choose their method of death. Batman however states he is not scared of him, confounding him as to why he's stating the obvious. As Bruce recites the Green Lantern oath, the power source inside the egg escapes and is revealed to a White Lantern Ring, which chooses him as its possessor.

Batman subdues Savage and the Black Order ninjas, telling Nightwing he guessed the power source inside the egg was related to the Green Lanterns after it displayed strange behavior when it was in Hal Jordan's presence. He theorized earlier that it's either an earlier version of the Green Lantern Ring or an unstable one or both, but it turned out to be different than what he expected. As Nightwing tries to take the ring off, Bruce stops him stating it might attack him as it seems to automatically defend itself and its wearer.

Dick points out to Bruce that the Green Lantern Corps has arrived which might cause the ring to attack. As the Lanterns demand he surrender and take off the ring, Batman responds he is unable to. The threats of the Green Lanterns causes the White Lantern Ring to attack them, leading them to take Batman under arrest and use their energy projection to lift the submarine. The ring however destroys the Green Lantern sphere and Batman finds himself transported to an unknown place.

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