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"Batman Universe, Part 6": This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #13 and Batman Giant #14.

Batman: Universe #6 is an issue of the series Batman: Universe (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2020. It was published on December 4, 2019.

Synopsis for "Batman Universe, Part 6"

This story is reprinted from Batman Giant #13 and Batman Giant #14.

Batman realizes he's trapped inside the White Lantern Ring and tries to talk to it, but hears no response. Outside, the Green Lanterns are fighting the Black Order and Nightwing tells them to stop harming the unconscious Bruce's body. As he tries to recite the Green Lantern oath, Bruce notices a figure whom he assumes to be a Guardian from Oa. The Guardian introduces itself as Seda, the creator of the original power ring, but Bruce quickly deduces that it is just a program and learns from it that its a representation of the original Seda.

When he asks the program about the date of its creation, it just repeats its congratulatory message to him before he transforms into a White Lantern again. The program offers him the White Lantern Power Battery, leading Batman to tell it that the ring was the earliest version of the power ring and the program had been corrupted wile also stating that the ring is a danger. As the Green Lanterns restrain Vandal Savage outside, Batman returns to his normal form and wakes up.

Batman however realizes that the White Lantern Ring has chosen someone else, which is Savage himself. Savage overpowers all the Green Lanterns as their rings can't attack him. Savage grabs Batman and tells him he'll erase him from history as a punishment for humiliating him and making him chase around for the ring.

Riddler, who's been abducted by Deathstroke, is interrogated by Bruce Wayne who asks him regarding the whereabouts of Vandal Savage. When he doesn't, Bruce has him tortured at the hands of Deathstroke so he reveals the location. Wayne sneaks into Savage's estate and after finding him, tells him that they met a party for Lex Luthor and he came to meet him because he's been having dreams regarding him, an egg and a ring. The White Lantern Ring passes on to Bruce and he gets transported inside it .

Savage tells Bruce that he's been trapped inside the ring for many years and now he needs to restore Batman into the timeline in order to get out. Bruce then remembers his memories as Batman attacks Savage, who tries to kill him but is prevented by the ring. Seda tells that those who were chosen by the ring and haven't renounced the Green Lantern oath, are safe from being harmed by it. It also shows them that the ring can open portals through time and space now that it is safe.

Batman and Savage fight each other through many different places and timelines before Bruce grabs the White Lantern Ring. Back at the submarine, he lets Tomar-Tu take away the ring and wonders where Savage went. It's then revealed that Vandal got transported to Old West where he is arrested by Jonah Hex. Some time later Batman stealthily returns the Fabergé egg to the museum the Riddler stole it from and one of the guards realizes it was him who put it back.

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