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"Vengeance of Bane II: The Redemption": Bane is receiving therapy in Blackgate. He refuses the help the lawyer is offering him. He is struggling with the withdrawal caused by Venom and his body has gained a lot of weight While in prison. One da

Quote1.png I am free and will remain free, Batman! For I am innocent! By the law of my land I was born guilty. But I am innocent! I commited no crime! I was driven by hate! Driven by venom! Hunt me no longer, Batman! Hunt me no longer! Quote2.png

Batman: Vengeance of Bane #2 is an issue of the series Batman: Vengeance of Bane (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1995.

Synopsis for "Vengeance of Bane II: The Redemption"

Bane is receiving therapy in Blackgate. He refuses the help the lawyer is offering him. He is struggling with the withdrawal caused by Venom and his body has gained a lot of weight While in prison. One day Bane is attacked by KGBeast and beaten until he passed out. Bane was badly injured and was sent to Blackgate infirmary where he meets Otis Flannegan, the ratcatcher. Next to Bane's bed was Elmo Galvan's bed; an inmate who is unable to move at all except when he is approached by some electric device, moment at which he regains his movement.

While in bed, Bane witness the pacification of a violent inmate. Bane notices that the man has a device implanted in his skull; the same he used to have to allow Venom into his body. Some time later, the psychologist who is working with Bane visits him and gives Bane a teddy bear in resemblance to Bane's child toy Osoito. When Bane is fully recovered, he decides to go outside to the prison yard with his bear. Other inmates start to bother him and the one that was with KGBeast the day he was attacked tried to take the bear from him. They struggled for the bear until it broke. Bane was left with the bear's head that was attached to the body by a sharp and pointy piece of metal. Bane used it as a weapon and killed the man with a fatal blow right through the man's head.

Bane was sent to solitary confinement for six months. He used this time to regain all the strength, stamina and agility he lost. The Ratcatcher would send Bane notes attached to rats through the pipes of the prison. Bane asked Ratcatcher a map of the island the prison was. Bane was planning an escape from Blackgate. He survived by eating some of the Ratcatcher's rats while doing a lot of exercise for six months. When the time for his release came; he was back at his physical peak and his plan begun. Bane went to see KGBeast and beat him to a pulp, giving him a reason to be sent to the infirmary. Then he requested to be admitted in the infirmary for a vitamin deficience he made up. He was assigned next to Galvan's bed again as he planned. The Ratcatcher send some rats to that room, all of them were carrying one electric conexion. The rats went straight to Galvan and powered him with the electricity he needed to move. Galvan incapacitated the infirmary guard and set Bane free from his handcuffs. Bane then went to KGBEast's bed and set the russian free. Both of them started the escape as the others stayed back to delay the guards. Beast and Bane went to the prison's ceiling and with their combined strength managed to open a security gate. Beast stayed to lead the guards in other direction and Bane jumped to the ocean.

The Gotham City Police Department searched for Bane on the Gotham east shore, but Bane knew that they would search there, he swam west. That path was more dangerous and the police doubted any man would be able to swim there; but Bane managed to reach the coast. Once in Gotham, Bane recovered some of his old clothing including his mask. Bane then started to seek the Venom trader. His search led him to the same doctor who experimented with Venom in Santa Prisca. Bane was listening to the man's cofession about Bane's father; who apparently was still alive; when suddenly an armored car crashed through the wall. The car was full of thugs enhanced with venom; and over the car was Batman. This distraction gave the old doctor the perfect chance to slip away. Batman and Bane formed and unlikely alliance to beat all of the Venom enhanced thugs before they start to fight. They managed to beat all of the thugs and Batman tied one of them to a support column. When Batman and Bane were about to have their second fight, the thug destroyed the column bringing the whole place down and depriving Batman from his rematch with Bane. Bane escaped the place telling Batman to stop hunting him.

In the end; Bane stands at the top of a bridge staring at the sea and he screams "father" to the night.

Appearing in "Vengeance of Bane II: The Redemption"

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  • Bane (Flashback and main story)

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  • The Ratcatcher's name is misspelled as "Otis Flanagan". His actual name is Otis Flannegan.
  • There is a Mickey Mouse calendar in Flannegan's cell at Blackgate.

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