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This paperback collects the Batman: Year 100 storyline. It was originally published in its own four-part comic book mini-series Batman: Year 100 from February to May, 2006. The storyline was written and illustrated by Paul Pope.

This storyline takes place in Gotham City in 2039. A federal agent is murdered and a contingent of Washington's top agents is hot on the suspect's trail. The Batman, a forgotten icon from the past, is wanted for the murder. Amid the chaos Gotham City Police Detective Gordon, grandson of the former commissioner, discovers that the man they are chasing shouldn't exist at all.

This paperback also contains the story Berlin Batman from Batman Chronicles #11 (December, 1998). This story was also written and illustrated by Paul Pope. This story is set in Berlin, during 1938. A wealthy man named Baruch Wane stops a Nazi train, loaded with supplies, while reflecting on how he became the Batman.


This paperback collects the following comic books: