"The Heroes Fight Back!": Batman, Robin, The Green Hornet, and Kato are stuck to the top of a train hurtling towards a tunnel. Whilst all the other struggle to free themselves, Batman has an idea. He uses the "Ba

Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet #2 is an issue of the series Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 2, 2014.

Appearing in "The Heroes Fight Back!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Green Hornet's unnamed city


  • Batcopter Remote Control Bat-Unit
  • Hornet Sting
  • Mobile Batcopter spectrographic Bat-Analyzer


Synopsis for "The Heroes Fight Back!"

Batman, Robin, The Green Hornet, and Kato are stuck to the top of a train hurtling towards a tunnel. Whilst all the other struggle to free themselves, Batman has an idea. He uses the "Batcopter Remote Control Bat-Unit" to bring the Batcopter, which has a ladder hanging from it, closer to the train. Batman and Robin grab the ladder and The Green Hornet uses his "Hornet Sting" to blow up the roof they are standing on, which releases their feet. Batman and Robin decide to interrogate The Green Hornet and Kato to find out what they know about the train robbery. Batman is informing The Green Hornet that he's taking him and Kato to the police station, when he is gassed by the Green Hornet. Kato wonders if they should have admitted that they wanted to stop the robbery but Green Hornet says that it as they are seen as criminals Batman and Robin would not have believed them anyway. Miss Case, Green Hornets accomplice, arrives in the car to take them back to Sentinel.

General Gumm and his henchmen are admiring their stolen fossils in an abandoned warehouse when suddenly The Joker arrives. It turns out the General Gumm stole the fossils to prove to the Joker that he would be worthy of working with the Crown Prince of Crime. General Gumm takes great pleasure in telling The Joker that not only has he stolen the fossils but he has also disposed of Batman, Robin, Green Hornet and Kato. The Joker congratulates General Gumm by shocking him with his hand buzzer and then they start to discuss business.

In the meantime Batman and Robin wake up after being gassed by The Green Hornet. They use the Batcopter to follow the tracks left by both General Gumm and The Green Hornet. In the Green Hornets office they are reveling in escaping from Batman when D.A Scanlon arrives to discuss progress on solving the train robbery. D.A Scanlon informs them that the city will be sued by Franco Bollo, the owner of the fossil, if they do not find them soon. The Green Hornet remembers that General Gumm is obsessed by stamps and they plan to use that information to track him down.

Batman and Robin arrive at Trendle Park in Sentinel and use the "Mobile Batcopter spectrographic Bat-Analyzer" to track down General Gumm using chemical analysis from his unique glue. Meanwhile The Green Hornet uses his Aerial Recon Scanner to find pink vehicles in the area. Both discover that General Gumm is hiding in the postal depot on Dozier Boulevard. Batman and Robin and Green Hornet and Kato arrive on the scene and fight General Gumm and Joker's henchmen. Batman and Green Hornet prepare to fight when the Joker interrupts telling them that Kato and Robin have had glue placed over their mouths and are about to suffocate.

Can Batman and The Green Hornet save their comrades? Hold your breath until you have the answer!


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