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Harvey Dent

Batman '89 #1 is an issue of the series Batman '89 (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2021. It was published on August 10, 2021.

Synopsis for "Shadows: Chapter One"

Appearing in "Shadows: Chapter One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Harvey Dent (Flashback and main story)
  • Joker Gang (First appearance)
    • Dee Dee (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Emmett (First appearance)
    • Slappy (Single appearance)
  • Robin (First appearance; unnamed)

Other Characters:





  • The events of this chapter are supposed to be set after Batman and his sequel Batman Returns and represents a direct continuation of the Tim Burton movies, de facto considering out of continuity the events of Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.
  • Mico Suayan's variant cover is an homage to Jim Lee's iconic cover for Batman #608 (Second Printing). The gargoyle Batman is standing on seems to be based on the one from Jerry Ordway's cover for Batman: The Official Comic Adaptation #1.
  • The news reporter covering the events in Gotham Square during the Halloween Riots is Summer Gleeson, a character originally created for Batman: The Animated Series. She is later seen wearing her classic turquoise outfit from the series when she reports on the arrival of the National Guard units.[1]
  • The unnamed mayor of Gotham City who appears during Dent's speech in front of city hall appears to be based on the Batman: The Animated Series version of Hamilton Hill.
  • The Bank from the main intro of Batman: The Animated Series appears in the comic.
  • Several of the Halloween costumes worn by the citizens in this comic are references to the previous Burtonverse movies, the overall Batman mythos or pop culture in general:
    • One citizen in Gotham Square is dressed up as a Sons of Batman member.
    • Summer Gleeson is interviewing a man wearing a Joker costume. This character is based on the musician Prince who provided the soundtrack for the 1989 film Batman and was dressed up in a very similar Joker costume for the music videos accompanying the movie's release, such as Batdance.[2]
    • A woman is dressed up as Lydia Deetz, a character portrayed by Winona Ryder in the 1988 Tim Burton film Beetlejuice starring Michael Keaton as the titular character. The Burtonverse incarnation of Barbara Gordon debuting in this issue also appears to be the modelled after Ryder.
    • The red-haired woman with green body paint closely resembles Miss Argentina, a character portrayed by Patrice Martinez in Beetlejuice.
    • Adam and Barbara Maitland from Beetlejuice make a cameo appearance as a couple in Gotham Square. A girl dressed up as Sally from Burton's 1993 stop-motion film The Nightmare Before Christmas is standing near them. Additionally, two other people are wearing Barrel and Lock masks, another reference to Nightmare Before Christmas. A person dressed up as Shock can also be seen in another panel.
    • There is also a boy dressed up as the Penguin.
    • A mustached man in a pharaoh costume is modelled after Jim Brown's character Byron Williams from the 1996 Tim Burton film Mars Attacks!, which also starred Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito. A woman closely resembling the Martian Girl that Lisa Marie portrayed in the Mars Attacks! movie can also be seen wandering the streets of Gotham.
    • The woman standing next to Byron Williams is Large Marge, a character portrayed by Alice Nunn in the 1985 Tim Burton film Pee-wee's Big Adventure, which starred Batman Returns and Gotham actor Paul Reubens as the main character.
    • Burtonverse versions of the Jokerz members Dee Dee from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker appear in the comic as part of the Joker Gang. Dee Dee's costumes have the words All This And Brains and All This And Brains Two written on it, respectively. This is another reference to Prince's Batdance music video as well as the 1986 Frank Miller comic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
    • One of the background characters is seen wearing a skull mask and skeleton suit based on the costumes worn by the Red Triangle Circus motorcyclists in Batman Returns.

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