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The Joker, Two-Face, Killer Croc and the Penguin are sitting down in a dimly lit club playing poker. In walks Poison Ivy who kicks Croc's chair over and decides that she wants in on the

Quote1.png I threw a rock at him! It was a big rock. Quote2.png
Killer Croc

Almost Got 'Im is an episode of season 1 of Batman. It premiered on November 10, 1992.

Synopsis for "Almost Got 'Im"

The Joker, Two-Face, Killer Croc and the Penguin are sitting down in a dimly lit club playing poker. In walks Poison Ivy who kicks Croc's chair over and decides that she wants in on the game. Croc doesn't like being made a fool of and lunges at Ivy, but she knees him in the crotch and Croc decides to behave.

After Ivy settles herself into the game, each of the villains take turns regaling one another with tales of how they almost defeated the Batman.

Poison Ivy's tale
Poison Ivy last encountered Batman last Halloween when she was infecting a pumpkin patch with her patented toxic spray. She succeeded in getting the drop on Batman, but Batman used the remote control on his Batmobile to chase Ivy up a tent pole, trapping her.
Two-Face's tale
Two-Face had captured Batman and flipped his coin, which landed on bad heads. He took away his utility belt and strapped him down to a giant penny which was resting upon an over-sized coin-flipping device. Two-Face activated the device, sending Batman flying through the air, but Batman managed to snatch Two-Face's lucky coin and used the jagged edge to cut the ropes and free himself. Landing on his feet, he kicked Two-Face into a bag of stolen loot and apprehended his henchmen with the crane. Batman then flipped Two-Face's coin at him and said, "I owe you a dollar."
Killer Croc's tale
Killer Croc tells about the time he encountered Batman in a quarry. He then says that he threw a rock at him. The others look at Croc bemused expecting there to be more to his story. Croc qualifies his abridged account by citing that it was a "big rock."
The Penguin's tale
The Penguin once baited the Batman into his "Aviary of Doom" where he unleashed a flock of poisonous humming birds at him. The Batman avoided their dangerous beaks with his cape and managed to incapacitate the birds by turning on the sprinkler systems. The Penguin then sent a giant, mutant ostrich after him which began tearing through Batman's costume with its talons. Batman picked up one of the unconscious hummingbirds and stabbed the ostrich in the leg. The fast-acting poison knocked the creature out and Batman was free to apprehend the Penguin who had escaped via his umbrella-chopper.
The Joker's tale
The Joker and his gang once caught Batman and strapped him to an electric chair. The chair was positioned on a theater stage before a literal captive audience at gunpoint. With his assistant Harley Quinn at his side, the Joker demonstrated that the chair was activated through the power of laughter. Forcing the audience members to laugh through his laughing gas caused thousands of volt of electricity to shoot through the machine. Fortunately for Batman, the Catwoman arrived in time to rescue him from the Joker's clutches.

Once the villains finish telling their tales, the Joker reveals that he has since captured the Catwoman and had Harley tie her down to an assembly line at a cat food processing plant, where she was to be ground up and mixed with supplies of cat food.

At this point, Killer Croc reveals that he is actually Batman in disguise. The other patrons of the club are members of the GCPD who all pull their weapons on the villains simultaneously. They force the Joker to reveal where Catwoman is being held.

Batman goes to the cat food cannery and easily rescues Catwoman, knocking Harley out in the process. The two then go to the roof of the building where Catwoman attempts to show her gratitude and obvious affection for Batman. Batman smiles then dives off of the building, leaving Catwoman standing by herself. She coyly smiles, "I almost got'im."

Appearing in "Almost Got 'Im"

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  • All the characters appeared in flashback and in the main story.
  • This is the 46th episode to be produced and the 35th to be aired.


  • First aired in the United States on Tuesday, November 10, 1992.
  • This episode parts from the traditional three act format used in most television programs. The central story is a framing sequence that includes five separate vignettes.
  • Killer Croc does not actually appear in this episode, however actor Aron Kincaid did lend his voice for the scenes where Batman was disguised as Killer Croc.
  • According to Poison Ivy, she and Two-Face used to be romantically involved, as related in "Pretty Poison".
  • The origin of the DCAU variant of the Giant Penny is revealed in this episode. The Giant Penny was a prop used by Two-Face for his attempted execution of Batman.
  • Two-Face's comment of "Half of me wants to strangle [her]" and the other half wants to "hit [her] with a truck" indicates that killing Poison Ivy is the only thing both sides seem to agree on.

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