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Penguin was caught by Batman in an attempt to steal some fine pieces of art. After an undisclosed period of time, Penguin was released. He was sure that his release would be a motive of celebration among his henchmen and his partners in crime. Howev

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Birds of a Feather is an episode of season 1 of Batman. It premiered on February 8, 1993.

Synopsis for "Birds of a Feather"

Penguin was caught by Batman in an attempt to steal some fine pieces of art. After an undisclosed period of time, Penguin was released. He was sure that his release would be a motive of celebration among his henchmen and his partners in crime. However, nobody went to see him and he had to get a bus to get to his place.

Veronica Vreeland, a wealthy young woman, wanted to attract some attention just like she had once time when Joker crashed a party thrown by her. Her friend, Pierce convinced her to call Penguin and make him the attraction of her next party.

Penguin arrived at his place, hoping that some of his colleagues would show up. Instead, he was received by Batman, who warned Penguin to "keep his beak clean" and left the place. Penguin was disheartened when he received Veronica's call and arranged a date for dinner the next day.

Penguin and Veronica had dinner as planned and then they went out for a walk. Veronica complimented Penguin as nobody has before and then she mentioned the party to which Penguin was delighted to be invited. After a while, three thugs approached them and attacked them. Penguin fought them as well as he could, using his trademark umbrella, however, before he could finish them off, Batman arrived and took them all down, including Penguin. Veronica talked to Batman and made him realize his mistake. Penguin and Veronica left and Batman was a little bit confused.

The next day, Veronica told Pierce the story about Penguin and his act of bravery and they both shared a laugh. Bruce Wayne approached Veronica and asked her about her relation with Penguin, but she assured him that she was just using the man for her own entertainment. Bruce warned her to quit the joke, but she didn't listened. That night, Penguin and Veronica went to the opera and from the other side of the chamber, Pierce watched them amused as also did Bruce, but this one didn't find it amusing.

At Veronica's party, Penguin socialized with all the guests without realizing how disgusted they were by his mere presence. Pierce was very amused by Penguin but Veronica wasn't feeling right for using him in that way. Penguin went to the balcony and Bruce followed him. Bruce suggested that Penguin must be admiring some of Veronica's jewels but in fact, Penguin was preparing himself to give Veronica a very valuable bird jewel. Bruce was admired to see how Penguin has changed and the latter admitted that love can change anything. However, Penguin overheard a conversation between Pierce and Veronica in which they mentioned all of Penguin's defects. Penguin was angry and he attacked them. Everybody in the party heard Veronica's scream and Bruce went to see what happened. He arrived just in time to watch Penguin escaping the place with Veronica.

Later, at the GCPD Headquarters, Pierce demanded to Commissioner Gordon to start looking for Veronica when a note arrived. It was a ransom note, giving the exact location of the drop point and it specifically pointed out that it must be delivered by Pierce. Batman was just outside the window and listened to the entire conversation. Pierce went to the place and the entire GCPD was nearby along with Batman. A phone booth started ringing and Pierce answered it. It was Penguin and he told Pierce where to go from that point on. Pierce followed the instructions and fell to the sewers into the penguin's duck boat. It carried him to the exact place where Penguin was.

Pierce climbed up the stairs and when he reached the top, his ankles where cuffed to the platform that started to rise to the whole in the ceiling. Pierce entered the main chamber at the Opera and saw that Penguin had tied Veronica to the main candlelight. Penguin took the money from Pierce and opened the briefcase to find all the money he asked for. Penguin checked the money and he found a bat-tracker, so he decided to sped up things and cut Veronica's ropes to finish her but just before he could make it, Batman arrive and disarmed Penguin with a Batarang. Penguin then used his umbrella to attack Batman, who dodged all of Penguin's attacks. Penguin then used a dragon prop to chase down Batman and tried to burn him, but instead he set the whole place on fire and the rope that Veronica was hanging by was cut by the fire. Batman managed to save Veronica and forced Penguin to the ground, ending his menace.

A few moments later, the GCPD and the Fire Department arrived at the scene. They were trying to uncuff Pierce and taking Penguin to lock him away. Veronica approached Penguin and apologized to him and she admitted that she was actually growing fond of him. Penguin answer's was bitter but nonetheless true, as he blamed her and her kind for his downfall.

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  • This is the 52nd episode to be aired and the 47th to be produced.


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