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Bruce Wayne has been taken to prison as the main suspect on the attack over Lucius Fox. After his release, Bruce decides to investigate further the case; he dresses up as Batman and goes out to the night.

Quote1.png You know what I'd have given for a death scene like this? Too bad I won't get to... read the notices. Quote2.png

Feat of Clay, Part II is an episode of season 1 of Batman. It premiered on September 9, 1992.

Synopsis for "Feat of Clay, Part II"

Bruce Wayne has been taken to prison as the main suspect on the attack over Lucius Fox. After his release, Bruce decides to investigate further the case; he dresses up as Batman and goes out to the night.

Roland Daggett plans to eliminate Lucius Fox once and for all in order to take over Wayne Enterprises. He tells his henchman, Germs, to go to the hospital where Lucius was at and kill him. At first Germs refused as he couldn't stand being in hospitals, but Daggett's menacing posture convinced him otherwise.

At his trailer, Matt Hagen was packing all his stuff with help from his friend Teddy. His body was fully changed into a big creature of clay. While staring at some of his old pictures, Hagen started to change his face to resemble the ones in the pictures. He realized that now he could change his appearance almost at will, much like a reflex. He tried it once more, but it was exhausting and he started to destroy everything in the trailer. He decided to lay vengeance upon the one who caused him to be like that: Roland Daggett.

At Gotham Hospital, Germs arrived and sneaked into Lucius' room. When he was about to asphyxiate Fox with a pillow, Batman arrived and stopped him. Germs was scared at the sight of the dark knight and he ran away from Fox's room. Unfortunately for him, he entered in a storage closet holding a vast collection of bacteriological and virological samples. His phobia to germs and bacteria was used by Batman in order to get some answers from him. Germs told Batman that the man who impersonated Bruce Wayne and attacked Lucius Fox was Matt Hagen, a well known actor. At that moment a police officer arrived and told Batman that he would take the man to custody. Batman wanted to ask a few more questions to Germs but the police officer attacks him with a massive clay arm, transforming then into a clay monster, and abducts Germs. Batman followed the man to the roof of the hospital. Hagen was planning to throw Germs to the street when Batman saved his life. Batman and Hagen started to fight each other but Hagen's ability to transform his body gave him the upper hand. Batman was dangling dangerously on the edge of the roof when Hagen suddenly broke down. He was tired and Batman assumed that the shapeshifting caused him to be that way. The police sirens announced their arrival and Hagen dived into the streets down below. His clay spread over the street but he was alive and in a liquid state, he escaped through the sewers. Batman left Germs at the rooftop for the police to find him.

Batman later visited Matt Hagen's trailer and there he found a vial of the Renuyu compound. He knew then that the clay monster was actually Hagen transformed somehow into that by the Renuyu. Batman asked Alfred to bring him some of Matt Hagen's movies.

At Teddy's place, Hagen watches TV as Roland Daggett plans to start selling to the public the compound that transformed him into that monster. His wrath unleashed at that point and he left the house to stop Daggett.

At Summer Gleeson's talk show, Daggett was promoting his Renuyu cream. Batman sneaked into the the control room and placed some videotapes on the TVs. When a lady in the audience is given the chance to ask, she starts telling Daggett about the side effects of the product. The lady approached Dagget and made more questions about Renuyu. At last, when she was face to face with Daggett, the lady revealed to be Hagen as he transformed back into the clay creature. Hagen attacked Daggett but Batman arrived in time to stop Hagen from killing Daggett. Hagen told Batman to call him Clayface instead of Hagen. Clayface and Batman struggled. Batman was distracted when he stopped Daggett from escaping and Clayface subdued him for a while. Batman managed to force Clayface into the control room and he started to play the videotapes he placed earlier. Clayface was in shock to see himself in many roles he portrayed in the past. It was all too strong and it drove him mad. His body started to change uncontrollably. The police arrived and witnessed the transformations. One of them was Bruce Wayne and they realized that this man was the responsible for the attacks over Lucius Fox. In the end, Clayface smashed a couple of TVs and he was electrocuted. He told Batman that he whished for a death scene like that before transforming into Clayface again and dying almost immediately.

The charges on Bruce Wayne were dropped and Roland Daggett was taken to prison. Batman took a piece of clay from the scene to the Batcave. When he applied some electricity on it, it moved and changed its shape but it never "died". Batman assumed that the death of Clayface was just another scene from a great actor. At Gotham's hospital, the body assumed to be the one of Hagen disintegrated. Outside the hospital, Teddy mourned his friend's passing as a lady overlooks the scene. The woman then starts to laugh and her voice changes into that of Clayface and her eyes turn yellow.

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  • The episode was the 21st to be produced and the 4th to be aired.


  • The two parts of the episode aired on successive days.

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