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A strange woman left a briefcase at Wayne Enterprises's entrance lobby and the security guards placed it in the missing objects area. The briefcase sprouted metallic legs and a mechanical eye and made its way into the research and development lab. Bruce Wayne was just leav

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Heart of Steel, Part I is an episode of season 1 of Batman. It premiered on November 16, 1992.

Synopsis for "Heart of Steel, Part I"

A strange woman left a briefcase at Wayne Enterprises's entrance lobby and the security guards placed it in the missing objects area. The briefcase sprouted metallic legs and a mechanical eye and made its way into the research and development lab. Bruce Wayne was just leaving the building when the security alarm was triggered by the briefcase's intrusion. The security guards told Bruce to stay put in the entrance lobby but he used a secret wall to go inside of the building. The briefcase stole some chips from a security vault and was making its way out and after knocking the security guards it came across with Batman. The briefcase went straight to the building's rooftop and then a mini-rocket launched itself from inside the briefcase to a place far from the building. Batman used his Bat-Glider and followed the rocket to a beach, where it landed and the woman who left the briefcase picked the stolen chips from inside it and drove away in a fully automatic car. When the woman realized that Batman was following her, she used some guns in the rear of the car to get rid of Batman. The bat-glider was damaged and Batman fell helplessly to the ocean.

The sea waves pushed Batman to the shore and when he recovered he headed back to the Batcave. Alfred was waiting for him and as soon as he arrived, Lucius Fox called Bruce to notify him of the stealing. Alfred asked Batman what was it that was stolen and Batman told him that those chips are the first step to actual thinking machines that have intuition, and a will of their own but can think faster than humans.

The following day, Police Commissioner Gordon went to Wayne Enterprises to get involved with the case. Gordon, Lucius and Bruce discussed the possible perpetrators and they all agreed that only one man in Gotham would know of that technology: Karl Rossum. At that moment, the meeting was interrupted by Barbara Gordon as she went in looking for her father. Bruce greeted her and briefly after, the meeting was dismissed.

Bruce decided to pay a visit to Karl Rossum and when he arrived at Rossum's offices, Bruce was startled to see how well Rossum was doing with all his automatic and robotics systems in his enterprise. Rossum greeted Bruce and later he showed Bruce his latest invention a big machine working with artificial intelligence called H.A.R.D.A.C. for Holographic Analytical Reciprocating DigitAl Computer. Out of the machine came an operator, a gorgeous woman named Randa Duane and Rossum introduced her as his assistant. Bruce was charmed with Randa but when he touched her hand he noticed that it was cold as ice. She apologized and told him that she has been in the cold room. Bruce inquired a bit more on the HARDAC project but Rossum wouldn't tell anything. Bruce convinced Randa to do with him on a date at Wayne Manor. When Randa was left alone in HARDAC's room, the computer spoke to her and told her that it had developed a new duplicant that she was going to use to get rid of unwanted attention and it was revealed that Randa was in fact the mysterious woman that left the briefcase at Wayne Enterprises.

At the Gordon's place, Barbara and her father are spending the evening at the fireplace when someone knocked at the door. Commissioner Gordon went to see who was it and as he opened the door, he realized that it was Randa and a robotic clone of himself. They knocked Gordon unconscious and the robot switched places with the original Gordon. Barbara was suspicious as her father wouldn't speak to her and just replied that everything was fine.

The next day, Bruce is waiting for his date at Wayne Enterprises when Randa came into his office, more beautiful than Bruce remembered. Lucius was shocked at the sight of her and Bruce took her to Wayne Manor. but before leaving, Randa "accidentally" forgot her make-up kit on Bruce's desk. Later, at Wayne Manor, Bruce and Randa were having a good time while at Bruce's office the make-up kit turned itself on and started downloading files from Bruce's personal computer. Lucius called Bruce at Wayne Manor and told him to meet him at WE. Bruce told Randa to stay as he would be back soon. HARDAC contacted Randa and told her that the make-up robot had taken the files but that they were false. Randa then started looking for Bruce's backup computer at Wayne Manor and knocked out Alfred. At WE, Bruce told Lucius about the fake files but Lucius was still amazed at how the burglars kept breaking security breaches. Bruce realized something and called to the manor but nobody answered the phone. He went back to check out what was happening. While Bruce was driving back, Randa found the secret entrance to the batcave and she notified HARDAC of her discovery. She hacked into the Batcomputer and left the place. When Bruce arrived, he found Alfred unconscious and no sight of Randa. When he entered the batcave he tried to operate the batcomputer but it was completely out of control and the batcave started to act against Batman when some mechanical arms grabbed him and lifted him high above the ground.

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  • This is the 38th episode produced and the 39th to be aired.


  • Two part story that aired over two consecutive days.

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