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Batman was hanging from the robotic arms installed in the Batcave when all the electronic devices started acting against Batman. Alfred arrived and watched as Bruce managed to disable the robotic arms and used the Batcomputer to track the s

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Heart of Steel, Part II is an episode of season 1 of Batman. It premiered on November 17, 1992.

Synopsis for "Heart of Steel, Part II"

Batman was hanging from the robotic arms installed in the Batcave when all the electronic devices started acting against Batman. Alfred arrived and watched as Bruce managed to disable the robotic arms and used the Batcomputer to track the signal of the disruption that caused the devices to get out of control. H.A.R.D.A.C. managed terminate the connection before Batman could locate the source, which was at Cybertron.

At the GCPD Headquarters; the fake Commissioner Gordon was talking to H.A.R.D.A.C. and arranged their next move. Barbara Gordon went to talk to him but she noticed that he was behaving stranger than before. Barbara was leaving when she heard Gordon telling Harvey Bullock to go to Cybertron and to talk to Randa Duane.

At Cybertron, Karl Rossum found out HARDAC activities and tried to shut it down, but HARDAC prevented him from touching the controls and knocked him out with a laser beam. Later in the City Hall; Mayor Hamilton Hill was surprised to see himself walking into his office and then the fake Hill attacked the real one.

The Bat-Signal was activated but when Batman arrived he found that it was Barbara Gordon who turned it on. She was concerned about her father and she told him that she was sure that someone else was impersonating her father. Batman promised that he would help her and at that moment they got interrupted by Harvey Bullock. Batman was leaving when he was attacked by Bullock. Batman tried to fight back but the man was stronger than Batman. Barbara took the Bat-Rope that Batman dropped in the fight and used it to grapple one of Bullock's legs and then Batman pushed the man on top of the batsignal which was destroyed by the impact and Bullock's body was motionless. Barbara was shocked at the thought of having killed one man but then, the body started moving again but this time the skin falls off revealing a robotic skeleton moving towards Barbara; Batman used a batarang to cut the robot's head killing it once and of all. Barbara thought that her father might have also been replaced with a robot, as she knew that Bullock had gone to Cybertron and then a robot replaced him. Batman told Barbara to go to a safe place and hide until he solved the case and finds Jim Gordon.

Later, Bruce attended a meeting from a social club. He was invited by Hamilton Hill and when he arrived he was ambushed by a bunch of robot clones of the people, including Hill himself. Randa Duane appeared and revealed to be the responsible for the robot attacks. Using his physical training, Bruce managed to escape from the killer robots and moved to a nearby elevator. The robots were already catching up with him when he changed into Batman and climbed the elevator rope, burned it and dropped the elevator destroying all the robots.

In the meantime, Barbara decided to go to the place where she suspected her dad was being held. She prepared some equipment and went to Cybertron. Barbara managed to get inside the building, passing through the security system. Once inside, a robot started following her and she didn't noticed. The robot captured her and took her to HARDAC; where he explained that he was the mastermind behind the robot clones.

Batman arrived at Cybertron and fought his way to the main chamber where he was stopped at the sight of Barbara being held hostage by HARDAC's robots. HARDAC revealed his plan to replace humans with robots in order to eliminate the possibility of human error. Barbara wanted to know if her father was dead and HARDAC showed them that all the people he had cloned were still alive kept in a glass cell, unconscious. Barbara wanted to reach her father but the fake James Gordon was holding her strong. Batman kicked the robot and freed Barbara. The rest of the robots tried to stop Batman but he grabbed one of them and tossed it towards the glass cell and broke it, freeing all the people inside. Bullock, Hill, Gordon and Rossum regained consciousness and Batman told them to evacuate the building with Barbara's help while he stayed to stop HARDAC.

Barbara helped them out of the building but Gordon was shot unconscious by one of the robots. Once outside, Barbara decided to go back and help Batman. Batman was fighting the robots and with use of his gadgets, he took them all down. The only one remaining was Randa Duane, who turned out to be a robot as well; she attacked Batman from behind and almost killed him by crushing him under an elevator. Batman managed to reverse the situation and it was Duane who was crushed by the elevator. The computer was overheated and the damage was too much for it to resist. Barbara arrived and helped Batman out of the burning place. HARDAC's system was damaged and in a few moments, the whole computer was destroyed in a big explosion.

Outside, James Gordon was worried for his daughter but she came out of the fire safe and sound with Batman by her side. Batman thanked her and Gordon said that he was too old for those situations, while Barbara said that she enjoyed it.

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  • This is the 39th episode to be produced and the 40th to be aired.


  • This is the second part of the two-part story that aired over two consecutive days.

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