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An unknown ninja attacked one of Wayne Enterprises' buildings and stole all the money in the safe. One of the security guards spotted him and tracked him to the rooftop of the building. The ninja disarmed the guard using a shuriken and then he left the place.

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Night of the Ninja is an episode of season 1 of Batman. It premiered on October 26, 1992.

Synopsis for "Night of the Ninja"

An unknown ninja attacked one of Wayne Enterprises' buildings and stole all the money in the safe. One of the security guards spotted him and tracked him to the rooftop of the building. The ninja disarmed the guard using a shuriken and then he left the place.

Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson were training combat and Bruce was beating Dick when Alfred interrupted them to tell Bruce about the latest attack on his enterprises. Bruce went to the scene inmediately and talked to Commissioner Gordon. Bruce saw the shuriken in the wall and he remembered some things from his past. When he was young, he trained in Japan with a master named Yoru and there was another student called Kyodai Ken who always defeated Bruce in combat. Bruce then was called back to the present by Summer Gleeson who started asking some awful questions at Bruce, who in return didn't answered and left the place.

In the Batcave, Bruce changed into Batman and was ready to leave when Dick asked him to wait for him. Batman wouldn't listen and left the place leaving Dick behind. Dick was left concerned about Bruce and he planned to do something

At the main Wayne Enterprises' building, the same ninja appeared in the rooftop and sneaked his was to the emergency exit, but he was surprised by Batman, who walked out of the shadows. The two of them were ready to fight each other but the ninja used some purple gas to weaken Batman. When Batman was at the ninja's feet, the ninja was ready to cut Batman with his sword but Robin arrived in time to disarm the ninja and realizing that he was outnumbered, the ninja ran away, but his suit was ripped and Batman caught a glimpse of a tattoo in the ninja's back. Batman was brooding and didn't even thanked Robin for the help.

On their way back to the batcave, Batman told Robin about his training in Japan and also told him that the mysterious ninja was none other than Kyodai Ken, as he recognized the same tattoo that Ken used to have.

Later, Summer Gleeson decided that if she wanted to get to the bottom of the attacks to Wayne Enterprises, she must go to the "Wayne Charities reception" that night. At Wayne Manor, Dick asks Alfred about Bruce's training in Japan and Bruce appeared suddenly interrupting their conversation. Bruce told them that he was going to the reception and that he would be back at midnight.

In the reception, Summer followed Bruce everywhere he went. As he was looking at some samurai weapons, Bruce recalled the time when Kyodai Ken was banned from Yoru's dojo for trying to steal one of the master's weapons. Ken sworn vengeance against Bruce for ruining his plans. Back in the present, Bruce was leaving the reception when Summer approached him and asked him about his time in Japan. A valet drove Bruce's car to him and as he entered it, Summer got inside as well. Within a few seconds, the valet took off his hat and revealed himself as Kyodai and then he used knockout gas to put Bruce and Summer in a deep sleep while he drove them to his hideout.

Robin was worried for Bruce as he didn't arrive at the time he said he would. Using the tracker in his Batcycle, Robin found Bruce's whereabouts and went to the place. Bruce and Summer were tied up in a building and Kyiodai was there waiting for them to wake and kill them once it happened. Robin arrived at the Wayne storage building, where Kyodai was and stepped inside and triggered an alarm by accident. Kyodai was distracted and went to see who was prowling the outside of the building. Robin decided to climb to the rooftop instead and he encountered Kyodai. The two of the fought but Kyodai dropped the water storage on Robin and made him fall from the building. However, Robin managed to hold to a window and he got into the building. Meanwhile, Bruce managed to untie himself and when he was going to free Summer, Kyodai arrived and the two of them fought for the first time in several years. Bruce wouldn't fight properly because of Summer's presence in the room and as a result, he received a beating by Kyodai. Robin entered the room and saw the situation and helped Batman by covering up Summer with a rolled up carpet and when she wasn't able to see a thing, Bruce defeated Kyodai with ease. When Kyodai realized he had lost, he grabbed a statue, threw it to the window and escaped with a great jump towards the river.

In the morning, Bruce explains that he told Summer that Batman arrived and beat Kyodai. He also feels that there is no need to worry if Kyodai returns as he now knows he can beat him. As a final token, he finally thanks Dick for his help.

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  • This is the 35th episode to be produced and the 28th to be aired.


  • This is one of the two episodes that show Bruce's training at a young age. The second one is Zatanna.

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