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Batman is chasing some crooks in the Batmobile, and when they enter a warehouse, Batman steps out and enters the building through the window. Upon entering, Batman is shocked by a flashing light and then a big metallic object dropped on top of him.

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Bruce Wayne

Perchance to Dream is an episode of season 1 of Batman. It premiered on October 19, 1992.

Synopsis for "Perchance to Dream"

Batman is chasing some crooks in the Batmobile, and when they enter a warehouse, Batman steps out and enters the building through the window. Upon entering, Batman is shocked by a flashing light and then a big metallic object dropped on top of him.

When Bruce wakes up, he realizes that he's on the safety of Wayne Manor and when Alfred Pennyworth comes into his bedroom to serve the breakfast, Bruce complains about falling into a trap so easily and then asks him about last night events. Bruce thought that Robin had saved him, but Alfred didn't knew anyone under that name and suggested that maybe it was some girl Bruce knew the last night. Bruce told Alfred to stop joking and Alfred replied that the joke must be on him as he left Bruce to eat his breakfast.

Later, Bruce tried to open the grandfather's clock entrance to the Batcave and realized that it was not there. Bruce asked about the entrance to Alfred, who didn't understand what Bruce was talking about and when Bruce was starting to lose his temper, someone came into the room and asked what was going on. It was Thomas and Martha Wayne; Bruce's parents and the two of them were alive. Bruce was in shock and he ran out of the room and went to wash his face. His father, Thomas, went to see if he was alright and Bruce, who was still in disbelief told him that it was all fine.

After that, Bruce talked to Alfred and asked him to tell him about his own life. Alfred tell him about Wayne Enterprises and his commitment to Selina Kyle. Bruce then goes to Wayne Enterprises to keep working as he supposedly do, when he receives a visit from Selina, her future wife. She was there because Bruce's mother was worried for him and asked for Selina to cheer him up and Bruce told her that he was feeling like he was living someone else's life. Selina then screams "Batman" and Bruce is shocked by the name, thinking that Selina might know his secret, but he realized that she screamed because she saw Batman outside the window crossing the sky with his Batrope. Bruce also saw the Batman and ran outside to get a better glimpse of him, with Selina following him. Outside, they witnessed the Batman's combat prowess as he stopped a robbery and caught all of the thieves. Bruce was shocked to see was was happening and in an attempt to understand better he asked Selina if the name Catwoman was familiar to her, but she just worried further for Bruce.

Bruce goes to the only doctor he trusts, Leslie Thompkins and tells her about his situation. Thompkins just clears up that Bruce is simply identifying with Batman, because he feels as though he's been given everything his whole life and the lack of real accomplishment is manifesting the fantasy that he is Batman, who has worked for everything he has and every deed is of great value. Relieved, Bruce determines that the nightmare is over.

When Bruce returned home, he was in a better mood, hugged his father and even play a joke on Alfred, who was happy to see Bruce acting normal again. Bruce then grabs a newspaper and tries to read it but all the letters and words were scrambled and didn't make any sense. Bruce tried to read a book but the book had the same problem as the newspaper and he began to understand that something was very wrong. Thomas and Martha tried to calm Bruce down but he knew that they were not real. Bruce then heard the name of Batman over the TV and knew that it was the source of the troubles. Bruce left home in what appeared to be a very angry and instable state.

Bruce went to buy a rope, a grappling hook and flares, The police found him and tried to take him back to his parent's home, but he refused and escaped the police by climbing to the rooftops. After escaping the police, Bruce went to the Gotham Cemetery and climbed all the way to the top of the belltower. The police found him and were calling him from the ground but Bruce was waiting for Batman to show up. Finally, Batman appeared and tried to reason with Bruce, but Bruce told him that he had deduced that it was all a dream and that it was all Batman's fault. Batman asked Bruce how did he realize it was a dream and Bruce told him that he knew it when he couldn't read anything. The reading is a function controlled by the right side of the brain and dreams were a function of the left side, so he figured that in a dream, it is impossible to read something in a dream. Batman and Bruce started to fight each other and Bruce unmasked Batman to reveal that it was Jervis Tetch, The Mad Hatter behind the mask. Hatter told Bruce that it was a dream indeed, induced by him in order to create a perfect world for Bruce. Bruce thought that Hatter knew all about him but Tetch told Bruce that only in the dream he knew it, but in the real world, none of it was known. The police were about to reach the top of the belltower and Bruce wanted to wake up, but Hatter told him that it would not be possible. Bruce proved him wrong when he jumped from the belltower to his certain death. In that moment, Batman woke up in the same warehouse in which he entered through the window. He knocked the crooks and then faced Mad Hatter, who was controlling the dream inducing machine. Batman asked Tetch why did he do it to him and Tetch told him that he wanted to give him the life of his dreams in order to keep Batman out of his own life.

Tetch finally surrenders and the police takes him into custody, Commissioner Gordon asks Batman if he knew what the machine was and Batman replied: The stuff that dreams are made of as he left the place hurt by the loss of his dream life.

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  • This was the 26th episode to be aired and the 30th to be produced.


  • It is implied that Bruce Wayne holds serious feelings for Selina Kyle; as they are committed in Bruce's dream life.

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