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A casino boat is sabotaged and ends up sinking in deep waters.

Quote1.png You gave them ten million dollars, sir? And to think I was fretting over the electric bill. Quote2.png
Alfred Pennyworth

Prophecy of Doom is an episode of season 1 of Batman. It premiered on October 6, 1992.

Synopsis for "Prophecy of Doom"

A casino boat is sabotaged and ends up sinking in deep waters.

Bruce Wayne discuss the terrible events with Ethan Clark and his daughter Lisa Clark. Ethan tells Bruce that he was previously warned of the casino "accident" by a man called Nostromos; a fortune-teller that provides counsel to those who seek him. Ethan has been warned several timed by Nostromos about other incidents. Lisa believes that Nostromos is creating all those accidents. Bruce decides to investigate the matter further.

Bruce attends one of Nostromos meetings with his secret brotherhood and he listens as Nostromos predicts in a dramatic way that Bruce is in great danger and suddenly the glass that Bruce was holding breaks without logic explanation. Later in the Batcave, Batman investigates about Nostromos. His real name is Carl Fowler and he has been working with an associate named Lucas.

The next day, Bruce gets inside an elevator at Wayne Enterprises and much like the casino, his elevator is sabotaged. Bruce changes into Batman and escaped a certain death. Batman follows a man but the thug managed to escape.

It is later revealed that the thug was Lucas. Bruce decides to play along with Nostromos and his group just long enough to realize what is they are really after. Lisa gets angry at Nostromos for fooling Bruce and decides to prove Nostromos' fraud.

Bruce later reckoned that Nostromos has been collecting money from all the members of his brotherhood and was about to ask Ethan Clark to give him all his money, for "the great fall is approaching". Lisa entered one of the brotherhood meetings and saw Lucas in a control room operating all kind of effects that made Nostromos look real to the eyes of everyone. Lisa was captured by Lucas and then used to blackmail her father Ethan into signing a document giving all the money to Nostromos. Batman arrived in time to stop the two crooks and rescued Lisa who was hanging in a very dangerous position.

Later Bruce admits that he "was fooled" by Nostromos.

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  • This is the 19th episode produced and the 22nd aired.


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