When a police ship is sabotaged and a prisoner is kidnapped, Batman starts working on the case. When he visits the boundaries of Stonegate Penitentiary and finds the toothpick of Harvey Bullock.

Quote1 I just want all the scum-buckets and dirtbags in this town to know they better lay low, cuz' Bullock's back and ready to kick some butt! Quote2
--Harvey Bullock

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Synopsis for "Vendetta"

When a police ship is sabotaged and a prisoner is kidnapped, Batman starts working on the case. When he visits the boundaries of Stonegate Penitentiary and finds the toothpick of Harvey Bullock.

Officer Harvey Bullock is taken off the case. Commissioner Gordon explains that Thorne is a prime suspect and because of that, "a lot of ugly ancient history is bound to come up". Batman searchs the police files for Bullock and takes it with him to read it later. Bullock notices his missing file.

Batman learns that the prisoner who was kidnapped was working for Rupert Thorne and his arrest involved detective Bullock. Batman decided to ask Thorne himslef, but when he found no answer, he started to suspect that Bullock is the responsible for the kidnapping. Batman tells his thoughts to Commissioner Gordon to no avail.

At the police station, a really weird looking and dripping wet Harvey Bullock knocked out the jailer and took away another prisoner. The police arrested Harvey Bullock for the alleged crime.

Batman searched for clues around the ship wreckage and found a scale. He took it the the batcave to examine it. He found that the scale, although reptilian in appearance, has a human cellular structure. Alfred is unconcerned and gives Batman his dinner pointing out "it's in a microwavable crock". At the word "croc", Batman remembered something that might be the clue to solving the case.

Batman used his batboat to search under the water of the ship's accident. He found a hole in a rock and entered it. Inside he found a cave and the two prisoners tied up. When he was untying them, a big creature appeared from the bottom of the water. It was a man but his size was the double of that of a normal man. His skin was scaled and grey and he was stronger than Batman. While Killer Croc and Batman struggled, the two captives tried to escape. Batman followed them and tied them up again to deliver them back to the police. Croc also followed them but he went in another direction.

In the Batcave, Batman discovered the identity of the mysterious "crocodile man"; his name was Morgan but because of his appearance he started a sideshow affair with the name of Killer Croc. He traveled to Gotham and started a criminal career. Eventually the police arrested him because of the testimony of two gangsters that were captured by Harvey Bullock. It was clear now that Croc kidnapped the gangsters and incriminated Harvey Bullock in order to get his revenge.

When the two prisoners back in police custody, Bullock is released and when he was in his car, Croc approached him directly and tried to attack him. Batman was there to stop Croc. Croc escaped to the sewers and Batman followed. When both of them came to face each other, the final showdown begun. After a great fight, the place started to fall all over them and the fight was over. Using a sewer, Batman got out carrying Croc's unconscious body. Harvey Bullock waited for them outside and he and Batman came to good terms with each other.

The next day, when everyting was in order, Bullock told the press that he was ready for action and Batman watched it all from his batcave.


  • This episode was the 23rd to be produced and the 21st to be aired.


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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce WayneKevin Conroy
Commissioner James GordonBob Hastings
Detective Harvey BullockRobert Costanzo
Alfred Pennyworth
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Killer Croc
Spider Conway
Aron Kincaid
Summer GleesonMari Devon
Officer Renee MontoyaIngrid Oliu
Rupert ThorneJohn Vernon

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