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The Batman is a rebel against the Soviet Superman.

The son of a pair of dissidents, the boy who would become the Batman saw his parents get gunned down by Stalin's police force, and vowed revenge against Pyotr Roslov, the captain of the police. Twenty years later, the Batman became the most wanted man in the Soviet Union, a constant thorn in the side of Russian authorities. He managed to personally execute a number of acts of terror against Superman's regime and skillfully evaded capture from Roslov's police force each time. He became a legend to the people to rival Superman himself, and it was said that he was impossible to kill, the ghost of a thousand murdered dissidents returned to wreak havoc on Superman's collectivist Utopia.

Despite his personal vendetta, however, Roslov managed to convince Batman to help him eliminate Superman, arguing that with Superman out of the way, Batman's quest to kill Roslov would be more easily accomplished. Batman agreed, and kidnapped Wonder Woman and bound her with her own lasso in order to draw Superman into a wasteland, where he then bombarded the hero with simulated red sunlight. He forced the weakened Superman into a cellar, intending to lock him away forever. Unfortunately for the Batman, Wonder Woman managed to destroy her lasso and removed the generator powering the lamps. Unwilling to be locked up and lobotomized, he killed himself by detonating a bomb that he'd implanted within his small intestine. But before he died, Batman revealed to Superman the truth of Roslov's treachery. Ultimately, though he failed to kill Superman and topple his regime, Batman died knowing that his true goal - avenging the deaths of his parents - had been achieved. Following this revelation, Roslov was apprehended and turned into a Superman robot.

This was not the end of the Batman, however, as other men have since taken up the mantle. Following the fall of Superman's regime, the Batmen returned with a vengeance and brought order to the streets of Moscow, effectively taking control of Russia with the help of Lex Luthor, to whom they would later voluntarily yield power.


  • This Batman is significantly different from the mainstream Earth-1 Batman in a number of ways. He is perfectly willing to kill others for what he sees as the greater good, and even seems to relish in his work. However, it is clear that he truly believed Superman to be evil and felt that he had to be stopped in order for freedom to prevail. He is also probably not even Bruce Wayne, as he was in Russia at the time of his parents' death at the hands of Roslov for distributing anti-Superman propaganda.
  • Skins based on this Batman are available as purchasable DLC in the videogames Injustice: Gods Among Us and Batman: Arkham Origins.



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