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Quote1.png There was no way on Earth I could ever bring them back. But I could do something to help bring back the civilized values they'd believed in, the values they'd taught me to believe in... Quote2.png
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The Batman of the 21st century in the Hex timeline is a New York vigilante who ruthlessly campaigns to completely eradicate firearms from his city. He becomes an ally to Jonah Hex. His secret headquarters is a Batcave inside the Statue of Liberty.


Prior to the nuclear apocalypse of 2045, Cohen was a world-class gymnast pursuing a doctorate in criminology and writing his thesis on the original Batman. His mother was a rabbi and his father a politician, both having dedicated their lives to gun control. Cohen deduced Batman's secret identity, and survived the apocalypse while investigating the Batcave underneath Wayne Manor. Shortly afterward his parents were targeted by an anti-Jewish group called the National Reconstruction Alliance, and murdered in an alleyway. Swearing to make their deaths meaningful, he designed his own modern Batman costume and took to the streets to fight crime. He vowed that as long as he lived there would never be firearms allowed in New York City.[1]


Batman's vigilante actions made enemies on both sides of the law, and he was targeted by a crime syndicate known as the Combine. They framed him for the murder of Jonah Hex's girlfriend Stiletta, and sent the bounty hunter to kill him for them. They fight immediately, and nearly kill each other.[1] Batman saves Hex's life, and the two begin to work together on solving the mystery. The Combine unleash giant destructive robots on the city, and both men fight successfully to destroy them but the Batplane is plunged directly into the harbor.[2] His body is not found in the wreckage, and Hex believes him to be dead mentioning that he "kinda liked him."[3]



  • Anti-Grav Disc





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