Batman was once a form of policeman on a spaceship called Gotham.

Batman eventually came to know that the ship was not going anywhere due to a malfunction in the navigation system. He then took on the identity of a character from Old Earth folklore. He tries to find a way into the ship's main computer, and eventually happens upon Tris Plover. He takes Tris to his hideout and tells her of the universe beyond the ship, and of the birth and death cycle on the ship. He eventually makes Tris the new Robin and allows her to aid him on his quest to find the main computer. They break in to the police headquarters, and they begin to fight the swarms of police that are inside. Batman fights them and sends Tris to the computer. Batman is shot and killed by policemen.



Detective Comics Annual 9
Legends of the Dead Earth
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Quote1 Earth is dead. Those who once might have called it home are long scattered to the endless stars. But in that scattering, on a thousand different worlds, by a thousand different ways... Earth's greatest legends live on. Quote2

The events from this issue are related to the "Legends of the Dead Earth" themed Annuals of 1996. A series of tales about a post-apocalyptic Possible Future, that were Elseworlds-themed in nature, although nominally separate. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the "Legends of the Dead Earth" and "Annuals" categories.

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