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Quote1.png Should the need, Jaymes, ever again arise... call on me. For now, the night is still dark... it needs me. Quote2.png
Batman src

Batman is a fearsome winged creature who is half man and half beast.

He is the child of two sorcerers named Majister and Lilandra who created him in the hopes that he would be able to defeat their greatest enemy, the Dark Joker. His parents were murdered shortly after his own birth, and he grew up in solitude as an untamed monster living in the wilderness and feeding off animals. At the time when Joker had almost reached his maximum power, Batman learned he had an older sister named Saressa and she taught him and cultured him so he could live up to his destiny. Shortly afterward she perished in battle against Dark Joker and he swore revenge for his family. Batman made an alliance with the people of hightown and their leader Jaymes to fight the villain's demonic armies before they took over the entire area. In the climactic battle, as their forces clashed, Batman had an epic confrontation with the Dark Joker and beat him physically before throwing him to his death from a great height and splattering his brains. Having avenged his loved ones, Batman makes it clear that he will always be there to fight evil and they should signal him if they ever need him again. Then he flies off ambiguously into the night.[1]