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Batman successfully breaks up an arms deal involving a gang of Jokerz. However, the late nights are getting to Batman.

Quote1.png He wanted to win at any cost. So he looked the other way. Quote2.png
Bruce Wayne

The Winning Edge is an episode of season 1 of Batman Beyond. It premiered on April 10, 1999.

Synopsis for "The Winning Edge"

Batman successfully breaks up an arms deal involving a gang of Jokerz. However, the late nights are getting to Batman.

The next day, Terry is found sleeping in class (again) and is scolded by his teacher. He is cheer up by Dana to see a game that night. During the game, an agitated Coach Greegen berates his team for under-performing. One of the players, Mason, takes a patch that he slaps it on to his arm, which instantly enhance his muscles. With his new found strength, Mason wins the game, but deliberately injuring an opposing player in the process. Regardless, Mason is praised by Greegen.

Much later, three teenage thieves breaks into an electronic store. They are caught by Batman, forcing them to flee. Batman corners one of the thieves, who is reveal to be Mason and slaps on three patches. Mason becomes much stronger than Batman and effortlessly beats him up, allowing him and his friends to escape.

That morning, Mason is ran into by Chelsea. He tries to blow her off when Chelsea notice that he isn't looking good, but she then instantly realize that he is on "slappers" - an illegal and addictive muscle enhancer. An argument ensues in which Chelsea breaks up her relationship with Mason. Soon, Mason's partners from the robbery arrive and gives him the money they had made from their theft. His friends, however, are even concern of Mason's health. Mason later uses the money to buy slappers from an unseen dealer in a black car.

Batman search Mason's locker and finding slappers. He is then caught in the act by Coach Greegen, who attacks him. Following a brief fight, Batman manages to beat Greegen and escape with the slappers. Upon arriving home, Terry is confronted by his mother, who is concern on his tardiness and problems at school. Terry states that he is simply running errands for Bruce Wayne, but Mary doesn't believe him and soon found the slappers in Terry's possession. Assuming that Terry is taking slappers, Mary grounds her son until further notice.

Terry is restricted to work and he have the slappers he managed to kept to be examine by Bruce. The slappers are identified to contain Venom - a formula used by Bruce's old enemy, Bane. Their investigation narrows down to Bane, who now resides on an remote island. As Batman, Terry infiltrates the island and ties up Bane's attendant, Jackson Chappell. But he then sees Bane is now a very frail and weak man. According to Chappell, Bane's continued dosage of Venom throughout the years had made him to lose his physique. Batman leaves, baffled over who is supplying the slappers.

Meanwhile at Hamilton High, Mason and his friends continue to do poorly in their game. They complain that they can not even go through practice without slappers, as Batman had stolen them. Though they solve their problem by buying slappers from Mason's dealer with the stolen money. However, Batman interrupts the delivery and places a tracker on the dealer's car as it sped away. Mason pathetically tries to run after the car, and is easily apprehended.

Batman follows the car to the supplier's hideout, where it is producing slappers. He raids the hideout and find out that the dealer is reveal to be Chappell. It turns out that the attendant had been entrusted by Bane to producing the Venom formula when the former villain became weak to making Venom for himself, and allowing Chappell to making and selling slappers. Chappell applies slappers to himself, becoming larger and stronger, and battles Batman. The slapper-enhanced Chappell proves to be too great for Batman to face, but Batman managed to throw Chappel at a slapper-making machine, covering him with slappers and making him freakishly strong and nearly insane. Batman then blinds Chappell, causing him to swing wildly around and creating an explosion that incapacitate him. The defeated Chappell is left comatose from the overdosed slappers.

Terry returns home with Bruce, who confirms to Mary that Terry isn't taking slappers following the test results from a clinic. The McGinnis family and Bruce then watches a newscast showing Mason and his friends having been arrested and Coach Greegen is suspended from teaching for letting his students to win blind on slappers. As Bruce and Mary talks over these events, Terry dozes off in a well-deserved sleep.

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  • This episode is meant to address on the issues of drug use, especially on steroids.
  • Chappell's defeat by Venom overdose is similar to how Bane was defeated during his first encounter with Batman in the original series.

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