"ReWired: Nothing Lasts Forever": It has been one year since Joker Night, and Mayor Dusk has decided to send a policy message. Despite the money spent at Arkham Asylum on security and weaponry, the facility had a massive jailbreak during the night of anarchy. So Mayor Dusk prepares to re-open it

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Batman Beyond Universe #1 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond Universe (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2013.

Appearing in "ReWired: Nothing Lasts Forever"

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Synopsis for "ReWired: Nothing Lasts Forever"

It has been one year since Joker Night, and Mayor Dusk has decided to send a policy message. Despite the money spent at Arkham Asylum on security and weaponry, the facility had a massive jailbreak during the night of anarchy. So Mayor Dusk prepares to re-open it as the Arkham Institute, a state-of-the-art treatment facility, meant to rehabilitate the troubled and theatrical villains of Gotham City.

Walking a reporter through the new building's common area, he needs to take a family phone call. But as the head of the facility discusses things he intends to do, the mayor drops dead of a heart attack in full view of Gotham's elite crazy criminals.

That night, on the other side of town, Batman is dealing with a group of fanatics who have gotten their hands on the Man-Bat serum. Dosing them with anti-serum, Batman tells his mission control that he will go one more hour of patrol before going home, despite having a sociology midterm tomorrow.

At Arkham Institute, Commissioner Gordon is handing the Mayor's body over to the coroner. He admits that it looks like a heart attack, but asks her to consider bringing the Batman in. At this point, she gets a mysterious phone call from an old friend asking her to collect the Man-Bats. She decides to ask them for help on the Dusk case.

At the university the next day, Terry McGinnis is felling asleep into his books. He meets a classmate, Ryan, then runs into his ex-girlfriend Dana. Dana wants to talk about their relationship, but he doesn't. Then they see the news of the mayor's death, and Terry realizes he needs to leave.

Flying to the roof of the Institute, Batman discusses events with his mission control - who is revealed to by Dick Grayson, the former Nightwing. As he gets their, we see the news on the television being watched by both the Dusk family and the Arkham inmates.

On the roof, Batman meets Commissioner Gordon, who explains that all of the inmates, when questioned, claimed to have killed the mayor, except one - Ghoul. Batman promises to get answers, and vanishes. When he confronts Ghoul, the criminal says sometimes people just die, but Batman ties him upside down to the ceiling and delivers his ultimatum: if he finds out Ghoul is lying to him, he will be back. Ghoul jokes that the crime-fighter will have vanished by the time he turns around, but he does seem genuinely spooked when exactly that happens.

The next day, at the Dusk residence, Commissioner Gordon offers her condolences to the Dusk family and asks for the mayor's recent paperwork in the hopes of a sensible motive. The mayor's widow, Susan Dusk hands over the data, and the son, Davis, asks her to catch whoever is responsible. Walking out, she gets a call from the coroner, who explains that Dusk was electrocuted, and his portable (a mobile communications device) is similarly fried. So whoever killed him can conduct electricity through the air. Gordon asks him to keep this new private.

At Dick Grayson's training space, Terry is working away at his gymnastics. Dick walks in and Terry explains that since interrogating Ghoul, he couldn't sleep, so he decided to practice. At this point, Terry gets a call from his mother and tells her he is between classes at university. Grayson then asks him how his midterm went, he suddenly realizes that he forgot about it. Dick says that he needs to talk about what happened, because ever since he has been spending more and more time as Batman. Before they can, however, Gordon sends over the data from the coroner. The duo wonder what this could mean.

At Arkham Institute, the cells open. The security system shuts down. A voice on the loudspeakers tells them they are cured and free to go...

Appearing in "Power Struggle: Fantastic Voyage"

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Synopsis for "Power Struggle: Fantastic Voyage"

At STAR Labs Metropolis, there is a break-in by a trio of armored criminals calling themselves the Nanodemons. However, they are stopped by the arrival of the JLB. At this point the Nanodemons reveal their true motive - as their powers come from nanotech armor possessed by devils, they want to spread the nanotech and take control of the heroes. They take Micron, allegedly the most powerful hero, but he is swiftly brought low by the newly arrived Superman.

As the Nanodemons swarm him, Superman demonstrates incredible power, but when he keeps breaking things during the clean-up, he worries that something is wrong.

At the new Justice League Watchtower on the surface of the Moon, Batman gives him the rundown: he seems to be fine, but earlier today something o unknown origin hit the Sun, causing a subtle change in its output. His powers will fluctuate until the Sun goes back to normal.

A talk with Bruce Wayne does him no good. A lecture on training from Warhawk ends in failure, as does a meditation session with Green Lantern and a bout of running with the Flash. Fourth World power-dampers seem to work, until Superman loses control and hospitalizes Aquagirl. The JLB are adamant: until he can control his powers, Superman is off the team.

From the Fortress of Solitude, Superman directs a robot to save lives. However, while looking at a statue of Lois Lane, he remembers a promise he made to her not to leave humanity behind as he fights to save lives. So he decides to try something drastic.

Calling Micron to the Fortress, he asks the younger hero to release a dose of Kryptonian nanotech through his system, blocking his ability to absorb sunlight - taking away his powers. Despite a shaky start against Superman's immune system, Micron makes it to the heart, releasing the tech and making it out with Superman's help. As a normal human, Superman cannot help the JLB... but he can still save lives as Kal Kent, fireman.

On the job, Kal makes small talk with Rita, a firewoman, who wants to go to dinner with him. The duo rush into a burning building as he agrees. They look for someone crying for help, but all they find is a cat. Suddenly, the building collapses...


  • The second story notes that it is using Superman "by kind permission of the Siegel Family".


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