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Terry McGinnis, the Batman of the near future, has inherited a number of enemies from his predecessor Bruce Wayne, but for the most part, they are new criminals for the new age.

Membership History

  • Abel Cuvier: A doctor who starts a trend in infusing animal biology, also known as "splicing," with human DNA. He mutates himself into a chimera to battle Batman. The technology of splicing becomes outlawed shortly after his defeat.
  • Armory: After losing his job as a weapons designer, turns to crime to make ends meet as a supervillain called Armory. He ended up turning himself in.
  • Big Time: Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow was a loudmouth hoodlum and a former friend of Terry McGinnis who got involved with the wrong crowd, and ended up becoming a mutated powerhouse.
  • Black Light: (No information yet)
  • Blight: Derek Powers: After exposure to nerve gas, Powers is treated with extreme radiation and becomes the radioactive villain Blight.
  • Brother Eye: An evil virus that cyborized most of the world's heroes and almost wiped out humanity.
  • Curaré: A member of the League of Assassins who wields a laser-sharpened scimitar.
  • Earth Mover: A man that was buried alive and mutated by chemicals. He later became obsessed with kidnapping his daughter and killing the man he blamed for his fate.
  • Erica Electra: (No information yet)
  • Falseface: Falseface stole Bruce Wayne's identity and trapped him in Arkham. He later stole Terry's identity and briefly became Batman for awhile.
  • Hush: A clone of Dick Grayson that became Hush.
  • Jackson Chappell: A drug dealer that specializes in Patches that inject the user with Venom.
  • Joker: Batman's nemesis, returned from beyond the grave to plague Gotham once more.
  • Inque: Treated with a mutagen, Inque has the ability to turn her body into liquid. She is a freelance saboteur.
  • Istivan Hegedesh: A corrupt businessman and arms dealer that drives Armory to crime.
  • Jokerz: The Jokerz were a Gotham City street gang based on the Clown Prince of Crime. While the original Joker might have long since disappeared from Gotham, his spirit lived on inside these villainous hellions. Dressed in clown outfits and face paint, they especially enjoyed practical jokes that turn deadly and generally creating chaos.
    • Bonk: (No information yet)
    • Chucko: (No information yet)
    • Coe: (No information yet)
    • Dee Dee: Twin sisters and the granddaughters of Harley Quinn.
    • Dottie: (No information yet)
    • Ghoul: A villain with similarities to Scarecrow.
    • J-Man: The leader of the Jokerz.
    • July: (No information yet)
    • Scab: (No information yet)
    • Scar: (No information yet)
    • Smirk: (No information yet)
    • Tayko: (No information yet)
    • Terminal: Outwardly a model student at Hamilton Hill High School, Carter Wilson led a secret life as Terminal, the leader of a gang of Jokerz.
    • Trey: (No information yet)
    • Weasel: (No information yet)
    • Woof: (No information yet)
  • Mad Stan: A rabidly anti-government terrorist who rebels against what he sees as a corrupt system. His solution to any given problem is to "blow it up," and as such he is an expert in explosives.
  • Kobra: A snake-themed terrorist organization.
  • Ma Mayhem: (No information yet)
  • Mister Fixx: (No information yet)
  • Payback: Kenny Stanton became Payback in a misguided attempt to solve the problems of his father's patients.
  • Ra's al Ghul: He stole his daughter's body and attempted took take over Bruce's body as well.
  • Ratboy: A kid who was rejected for his appearance, that later became a serial killer.
  • Repeller: (No information yet)
  • Royal Flush Gang: A crime family of five members, They consider themselves the royalty of crime.
  • Simon Harper: A man who stole credit for making the game Last Cosmos. He manipulated fans into destroying evidence he stole the game and made them kidnap the game's true creator.
  • Shriek: Walter Shreeve is initially an engineer hoping to improve society with his inventions. He is led down a decidedly darker path by Powers, who wants a return on his investment in Shreeve's research. He thus dubs Sheeve Shriek, based on his special suit which allows him to generate destructive sound waves and manipulate sound in a wide variety of ways. During a fight with Batman, his suit is damaged, causing it to pick up sounds at such a high volume that Shreeve is rendered deaf. Though he develops a special headset to hear normally, the incident drives him insane and vengeful against Batman.
  • Stalker: An African big game hunter who was enhanced with cybernetic implants after an encounter with a panther. Finding wild animals too easy with his new body, he seeks Batman as the ultimate prey.
  • T's: The T's were a street gang in the future Gotham City. Led by the aptly-named Fat T, they had a violent, years-long rivalry with the Jokerz, but were not above tormenting innocent people.
    • Fat T: Fat T is the leader of the T's.
  • Vendetta: The former assistant of Paxton Powers. She gained the ability to become stronger the more chemicals she's expose to due to her exposure to Blight.
  • Willie Watt: A nerd at Hamilton Hill High who seeks revenge on his classmates and his father. He controlled a robot called the GoLeM (Galvanized Lifting Machine). But it was destroyed by Batman and he was sent to a county juvenile for 3 years. However, his experience with GoLeM made him develop a telekinetic ability.

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