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"Terry's Mom Dates a Splicer": Bruce tells Terry to head to Astro Tech where Terry's mother is working on a big project. Astro Tech is being attacked by Splicers. Two leopard thugs attack a few guards. The back up guards arrive on the scene but they are tackled by a gorilla splicer while a ram S

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Bruce Wayne

Batman Beyond (Volume 2) #24 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 2001.

Synopsis for "Terry's Mom Dates a Splicer"

Bruce tells Terry to head to Astro Tech where Terry's mother is working on a big project. Astro Tech is being attacked by Splicers. Two leopard thugs attack a few guards. The back up guards arrive on the scene but they are tackled by a gorilla splicer while a ram Splicer tries to knock down the doors to Lab 3. Terry grabs the ram Splicer and throws him across the lobby but then he is attacked from behind by a avian Splicer with razor sharp talons. Terry uses his bat bolas to restrain the harpy like Splicer and takes on the other splicers. Terry electrifies one of the leopard splicers with an electric batarang and knocks out the gorilla Splicer along with the other leopard splicer. From out of nowhere, a wolf splicer lunges at Terry but Terry reacts fast by throwing another pair of bat bolas to restrain him.

Terry wonders why the Splicers would attack Astro Tech but Bruce confesses that Astro Tech keeps a tight lid on their government contracts. Bruce suggests that Terry should try to get information out of his mother in a subtle way. Meanwhile, one of the Splicers escaped police custody and reported back to his leader Noah who is a chimera just like Abel Cuvier. Noah grabs the Splicer by throat with a crab claw and throws him across the room. Noah figures the only way he can gain access to Lab 3 at Astro Tech is through Mary McGinnis. The next night, Mary prepares for her blind date with Noah. Terry exclaims his concerns for his mother going out after the attack on Astro Tech but Mary writes off Terry's worries as jealously because she is going out on a date. Matt McGinnis hears a ring at the front door and lets Noah in. Terry goes into the leaving room to meet Noah as well.

Terry calls Bruce and tells him that he suspects Noah might be a person of interest in regards to the Splicers being at Astro Tech but like Mary, Bruce writes off Terry's suspicions as jealously. Noah flirts with Mary McGinnis and begins to ask her about Astro Tech's involvement with the Mars excavations. Noah expresses his interest in the strands of alien DNA that Astro Tech has recovered from the planet. Mary tells Noah that she really can't disclose anything about the work in Lab 3. Noah backs off and suggests that they should head to the Megaton night club after dinner. Mary heads back home for a warmer wrap and a smaller purse. Terry tries to talk his mom out of going out with Noah but Mary scolds Terry by saying that she has a life and she won't let Terry's jealously ruin her evening. Terry calls Max to babysit Matt while he tails his mother and Noah.

Noah drives Mary to Astro Tech and he shocks her by exposing his venomous demeanor. Mary asks why the Splicers are interested in the findings from the Mars excavations in Lab 3. Noah explains that his gift to shape shift into different animals is hereditary but the alien strands from Lab 3 will make his control over the animal kingdom within him infinite. Noah threatens Mary to get him past all of the secured checkpoints or he will sting her with his scorpion tail where his right hand used to be. Terry heads straight to Astro Tech when Bruce concurs with Terry's suspicions. It turns out Astro Tech's Bio-Mech division discovered alien DNA sequences within the soil samples that they extracted from Mars.

Noah combines the Splicer formula with the alien DNA strands from Lab 3. Noah then ingests the vile of his newly concocted formula and begins to feel his genes connecting on a cellular level. However, within moments, Noah begins to feel excruciating pain. Noah begs Mary to help him but there is nothing she can do at this point. Two guards surprise Noah from behind and order him to back away from Ms. McGinnis. Noah transforms into an alien behemoth and grabs Mary before jumping out a window. The guards report over the police band that an alien splicer has taken Mary McGinnis hostage. Terry flies in with the batmobile and sees Noah carrying Mary in one hand while climbing to the top of Astro Tech like King Kong. Terry shoots a gigantic bat bola at Noah but Noah spits acid to destroy the bat bola.

Terry then uses the batmobile's artillery to bring down Noah. Noah's grip over Mary loosens as he is fired upon. Mary begins to fall and Terry reacts fast by activating the batmobile's auto pilot then leaping to save his mother. Terry grabs his mother and the batmobile crashes right into Noah's backside which causes him to fall. The next day, Bruce informs Terry that Noah is being taken to Metropolis where STAR Labs can find a method to extract the alien DNA from Noah because the Splicer antidote doesn't seem to have any effect. Terry hangs up on Bruce and notices his mother crying in the closet. Mary apologizes to Terry for not listening to him while dealing with the utter shock of bringing a monster into her home. Terry tries to comfort his mother by saying that she had no way of knowing because sometimes the heart ignores the wisdom of others. Mary hugs Terry and thanks him for his kind words.

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