"Hush Beyond, Part IV: The Other Side of the Mirror": Hush is about to kill Catwoman, telling her that anyone that has a connection to Batman must die. Catwoman tries to convince Hush that she has no ties to Selina Kyle. A Bat-Wraith arrives and throws a few razor sharp batarangs into Hush's arm

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Batman Beyond (Volume 3) #4 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2010. It was published on September 15, 2010.

Synopsis for "Hush Beyond, Part IV: The Other Side of the Mirror"

Hush is about to kill Catwoman, telling her that anyone that has a connection to Batman must die. Catwoman tries to convince Hush that she has no ties to Selina Kyle. A Bat-Wraith arrives and throws a few razor sharp batarangs into Hush's arm. Hush's grip over Catwoman loosens which gives Catwoman a chance to catch her breath. Hush thinks the Bat-Wraith is Bruce but he soon discovers otherwise. Catwoman then reveals to Hush her ability to make clones of herself as Hush manages to fend off the Bat-Wraith. Catwoman and her clones continue battling Hush while Bruce tries to interface with the faulty Bat-Wraith. One by one, Catwoman's clones are overtaken by Hush's fighting skills.

Bruce manages to get the Bat-Wraith back online and Hush scoffs at Bruce by saying Alfred must no longer be around because Pennyworth would always make sure that all Bat gadgetry was a 100% efficient. Hush yanks out one of the batarangs from his arm and goes for the Bat-Wraith's chest where its power supply is located. Hush continues to mock Bruce by saying he knows all of Bruce's tricks which makes Bruce predictable. Bruce decides to cut his losses by activating the Bat Wraith's self-destruct function thereby preventing Hush from taking the Bat Wraith for study.

Terry tells Dick that he needs to talk and that Bruce doesn't even know he's here. Dick admires Terry's zeal to disobey Bruce and figures that Tim Drake gave away his location to Terry. Dick reveals that he knows about the new Hush and deduces that Terry is questioning anybody who has intimate knowledge about the Batman as well as his rogue gallery. Dick doesn't take any offense to Terry finding possible motives among Batman's allies who drifted away over the years. Terry is amazed by Dick's set up because Dick is still teaching aerial acrobatics and gymnastics. Terry asks Dick if he kept a memento from his crime fighting days and Dick shows Terry an old but bloody Nightwing costume.

Dick asks Terry if he ever knew the reason why Bruce wore a cape when he was Batman. Terry figured it was meant to strike fear into the criminal element but Dick says that the cape has a tactical use for misdirection. The cape makes it difficult for criminals with guns to properly aim at their target. Dick tells Terry that the Joker had kidnapped Alfred after Bruce had lost Silver St. Cloud. Both Batman and Nightwing found Alfred bound at the steelworks. The Joker shot at Nightwing several times with a Hunziker J-108 with expanding armor piercing rounds because he forgot Bruce's rule about not landing in front of one's partner because you end up a target. Bruce had to let Joker escape with Alfred while he tended to Dick's wounds.

Bruce eventually rescued Alfred from the Joker while Dick was recuperating at the local hospital. Bruce never visited Dick in the hospital. Dick figured Bruce felt guilty for what happened but he had grown too cold to apologize. Instead, Bruce sent Alfred to visit Dick with a note that a new Nightwing costume was waiting for him. Dick lost his right eye and never spoke to Bruce again after that. Dick still has a bullet lodged near his spine. Dick then tells Terry that Bruce only cares about the mission but Terry refuses to listen to believe that.

Terry leaves and tries to call Bruce because he wants to talk but instead he gets a call from Maxine Gibson who has come back from Opal City. Max informs Terry that Catwoman was recently attacked by Hush. The next night, Mad Stan attacks two thugs who were smuggling explosives. Mad Stan knocks out both criminals but then he is mocked by Hush. Hush tells Mad Stan that he is wearing the worst disguise ever and his accent gives him away. Hush tells Mad Stan that he can lose the disguise and Mad Stan deactivates his holographic imaging device thereby revealing that Mad Stan is actually Terry. Hush confesses that he has already taken out Mad Stan along with the Stalker. As a trophy, Hush took Stalker's spear so he could use it to impale Terry with it.

As Terry and Hush engage in a fight, Hush professes that his plans for Gotham go way beyond killing Batman's rogue gallery. Hush originally had a plan to save and protect Gotham until Bruce stopped him. Terry gets agitated with Hush talking but he forgets one of his Bruce's old rules which is never get close to an enemy that has a deadly weapon. Hush slashes at Terry's abdomen with a blade and stabs Terry's left shoulder with Stalker's spear. Terry tries to get back onto his feet but Hush uses one of Shriek's sonic devices to immobilize Terry. Hush then rips the bandages off his face to reveal that he is a clone of Dick Grayson.

At Cadmus Labs, Amanda Waller discovers Nora Reid is going to the police and orders Cadmus agents to go after her.

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  • Alfred is mentioned twice by Dick and Hush

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