"Hush Beyond, Part V: Blood in Black Alleys": Nora Reid is running through an alley on the corner of North Rogers Blvd in the 1600 block. Nora manages to contact Barbara Gordon and tells Barbara that she has crucial information regarding the Hush killings but she needs to be picked up before Cad

Quote1 And now he's out there, with warped versions of Mister Grayson's memories and personality, and burning desires to save Gotham... and to claim his rightful place as Batman. Quote2
Nora Reid

Batman Beyond (Volume 3) #5 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 3) with a cover date of December, 2010. It was published on October 20, 2010.

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Synopsis for "Hush Beyond, Part V: Blood in Black Alleys"

Nora Reid is running through an alley on the corner of North Rogers Blvd in the 1600 block. Nora manages to contact Barbara Gordon and tells Barbara that she has crucial information regarding the Hush killings but she needs to be picked up before Cadmus gets to her. Suddenly, Nora's connection with Gordon is cut off and she is cornered by Blaine Emmick, the head of Cadmus Special External Security. Nora slashes at Blaine's face and runs off. Blaine's men catch up with Nora and Blaine chuckles because he has a sadistic tendency to inflict pain on others through chemical means. Blaine approaches Nora as she is restrained and just as he was about to inject a syringe with an unknown concoction into her eye, Dick Grayson surprises Blaine as well as his men. Dick counters Blaine's jabs and injects Blaine's concoction into Blaine's neck. Dick then throws Blaine into a fuse box and subdues the rest of Blaine's men. Dick helps Nora to her feet but she faints when she sees Dick's face.

Meanwhile, the Dick Grayson clone a.k.a. Hush stands over Batman and discovers he is still alive but leaves him alive then runs off. Catwoman tries to help Terry who is unconscious but her concentration is interrupted when her radio signal syncs up with Bruce's frequency. Bruce tells her on how to heal Terry and deduces that she has some connection to Danton Black aka Multiplex. Catwoman admits that she is Multiplex's daughter however, the extent of her self replication only exceeds nine clones which would explain her choice to be the new Catwoman. Bruce tells Catwoman to probe Terry's open wounds for spurting vessels. Catwoman notices a lot of blood loss but Terry's wounds aren't gushing or torn badly. Bruce tells Catwoman to field dress Terry's wound with medi-gauze and a tube of sealant which is located in Terry's utility belt.

Back at the Batcave, Bruce continues to guide Catwoman but then he is attacked by his Bat-Wraiths. It turns out Hush managed to get the CPU from the Bat Wraith that self-destructed and pirated Bruce's frequency to the other Bat Wraiths within the Batcave. Hush orders the Bat Wraiths to flee the Batcave and to meet with him at the Ishi Home Techware store because he will need to refit them with Mad Stan's explosive ordinances. As for Catwoman, she manages to bring Terry back to consciousness. Terry wonders why Catwoman saved him. Catwoman admits that she has started to have feelings for him but also she figures the enemy of her enemy is her friend. Bruce tells Terry to muster his strength and head back to the Batcave. Batman leaves but not before giving Catwoman a kiss on the cheek which causes her to blush.

At Cadmus Labs, Blaine is taken to the emergency wing and one of Amanda's colleagues suggests that they send Killer Croc after Hush or use Croc as bait to lure out Hush. Amanda refuses to let Killer Croc go free because it would just make things worse. Amanda is already preparing for any possible fallout that may occur when Dr. Reid confesses to the authorities. On the other side of town, Dick brings Nora to Barbara and reveals that she is a geneticist at Cadmus Labs as well as Thomas Elliot's granddaughter. Nora joined Cadmus in the hopes that her research on mental illness could serve as a matter of atonement for her grandfather's sins. However, Director Waller put Nora in charge on a different project. Reid reaffirms Waller's obsession with Batman and how Gotham would always need a Batman.

Waller wanted to clone Batman and modify him. However, Waller predicted that the clone's psyche would be just as unstable and intractable as the original. Waller decided to go with the next best thing which was Nightwing because he shared Batman's passion to fight crime and knew how to take orders. Cadmus Labs extracted some of Dick's blood as well as memory transcripts while Dick was recuperating in the hospital after being nearly killed by the Joker. Waller kept Dick's DNA strands and memory transcripts in cold storage until an eager geneticist like Nora Reid came along. Waller wanted Reid to clone and mold her own personal Batman if in the likely event, Gotham is left defenseless. Reid would test the clone periodically as he developed physically, emotionally and mentally. Now, the Grayson clone is on the loose with a warped version of Dick's memories, personality and a burning desire to save Gotham by claiming his rightful place as the new Batman. Barbara tells Nora that she will be put into police custody then she tries to comfort Dick who is angry about the defilement he has endured.

Back at the cave, Terry arrives and collapses on a table. Bruce then gets to work on saving him. While healing Terry, he reveals that Terry was doing the mission better than he'd hoped and felt threatened and began looking for faults in Terry and that Terry is a good soldier and considers him a very good friend and that he's a stubborn old fool. Terry then reveals he was awake the whole time and heard everything. Bruce then says that everything he said was true. Hush appears on a screen in the Batcave and delivers a message to both Batmen. Hush plans on using the Bat-Wraiths to create an earthquake powerful enough to destroy Gotham therby cleansing the city of the criminal element. Bruce determines that Hush is underneath the city where the previous earthquake epicenter was and that he has more explosive ordnance than a small country.


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  • Barbara Gordon appears to have red hair instead of white

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