"Hush Beyond, Part VI: Deep Down": Terry decides to go after Hush but Bruce refuses to let him go as he is too weak. Bruce then says that maybe he could don the cape one last time to defeat Hush but Dick Grayson arrives and tells them that he plans on stopping his clone. Dick tells Bruce that he

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Amanda Waller

Batman Beyond (Volume 3) #6 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 3) with a cover date of January, 2011. It was published on November 24, 2010.

Appearing in "Hush Beyond, Part VI: Deep Down"

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Synopsis for "Hush Beyond, Part VI: Deep Down"

Terry decides to go after Hush but Bruce refuses to let him go as he is too weak. Bruce then says that maybe he could don the cape one last time to defeat Hush but Dick Grayson arrives and tells them that he plans on stopping his clone. Dick tells Bruce that he will need him on the whisper-comm in order to communicate the weak spots within the Bat Wraiths. Terry doesn't want Dick fighting Hush because of the bullet that is wedged in Dick's spine but Grayson refuses to stay behind. Dick and Terry head to the epicenter of the 7.6 earthquake that hit Gotham years ago in the batmobile. Dick expresses his displeasure that Cadmus has corrupted his essence by creating a deranged clone of himself to Terry. Catwoman flags Terry from an adjacent building and jumps in because she wants to get back at Hush. Dick figures his presence will be unsettling for Hush and that might give Terry advantage. The three of them quickly arrive and head underneath the Epicenter.

Meanwhile at Cadmus, Detective Nathan Bullock arrives to speak to Amanda Waller about Nora Reid's allegations and presents warrants to search Cadmus. Amanda hands over Nora's files which imply that Nora was unhinged when she created the clone but Bullock quickly deduces that Amanda is trying to cover up any connection that she had to Nora's work with the clone. Nathan tells Amanda that Commissioner Gordon is ordering a citywide evacuation because her creation is threatening to start a man-made earthquake with an array of explosives. Amanda continues to deny her involvement with the clone and tells Bullock that his warrants exclude him from searching any federally protected areas within Cadmus so she orders her men to escort Bullock out of her office.

Back at Hush's lair, Hush continues waiting for Batman until Dick throws a batarang at Hush which causes him to drop the detonator. Dick faces off against Hush who is taken back by Grayson's presence. Dick kicks the detonator into a bottomless pit but Hush orders one of the Bat Wraiths to go retrieve it. Dick continues taunting Hush about his existence until a Bat-Wraith knocks him down. Terry and Catwoman jump out of the shadows to help Dick. Catwoman helps Dick defeat the Wraiths while Terry goes after Hush. Bruce tells Terry that Hush is controlling the Bat Wraiths from a module located on his belt because Bruce is not be able to override the Wraiths but he'll try interrupting their frequency.

Catwoman has her duplicates even out the odds. Hush then pins Batman to the floor and orders the Bat Wraiths to rip Dick apart. Bruce finds one back door to the Bat Wraiths and causes them to short circuit on one another. Dick tells Catwoman to help him disarm as many explosives as she can with her duplicates. Terry manages to get Hush off him by throwing him across the bottomless pit however, Bruce's short circuit trick didn't deactivate the final Bat Wraith who was ordered to retrieve the detonator. As the Bat Wraith jetted up from the bottomless pit, its metallic pointy ears impale Hush from his abdomen and in turn destroyed Hush's module which controlled the Bat Wraiths. Hush's lifeless body and the Bat Wraith plummet down the pit until the Bat Wraith explodes from the descending impact.

Terry shouts his disbelief that he unintentionally killed someone but Catwoman tells Terry to let it go. tosses him a pit along with the Bat-Wraith. Catwoman leaves Dick and Terry but leaves Terry with a cryptic message that they are frenemies. Bruce then wants Terry and Dick to come to the cave. Bruce says he wants to talk to Dick about his regrets and that he is still his heir but Dick angrily leaves after hearing that. Batman then goes to the cave and quickly changes back into Terry. Bruce then offers Terry the chance to give up being Batman as he has a family and friends but Terry refuses, saying that he'll find a way to balance his duties as Batman and his social life and makes a joke about reconsidering the Justice League offer.

In the Epilogue, Amanda manages to find a replacement for Nora Reid. Amanda wants Dr. Thawne to focus on fine tuning the cloning process. Amanda warns Thawne that she will be watching him more closely than she did with Nora Reid. Amanda believes that this situation proves her resolves that Gotham will always need a Batman and reveals that she has a dozen more clones of worthy candidates.


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