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"Rise of the Demon, Part 5": As Damian is ready to kill Terry, Bruce recalls how he met him and then how he lost him to Ra's. Damian then does not kill Terry, telling his

Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #10 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 6) with a cover date of September, 2017. It was published on July 26, 2017.

Synopsis for "Rise of the Demon, Part 5"

As Damian is ready to kill Terry, Bruce recalls how he met him and then how he lost him to Ra's. Damian then does not kill Terry, telling his father there would be no honor in killing an opponent so inferior. But Damian is still surprised that Bruce would be so attached to someone completely incapable like McGinnis. While father and son argue about their relationship and the motivations of Damian's plans, Terry regains consciousness and the suit resets itself, getting ready for another round.

Still, Bruce knows that the suit would give the edge to Terry against almost any opponent, but not Damian: his skill surpassed even the best version of Bruce's Batman, meaning he will make no mistakes. But Bruce wonders if Damian knows that soon the suit will learn that Terry won't be able to defeat him, and so the machine will take control of Terry McGinnis and will proceed to fight until success is achieved. As this happens, it seems that Damian not only knew it, but wanted it: he can fight with no restrains and to demonstrate it, he summons Goliath, last of the bat-dragons. Overwhelmed, Terry is knocked out once again. Then, Damian tells to Bruce that he took the convenient way out with him: he gave to the suit and Ra's all the blame, without even allowing the idea that Damian made a choice freely, and then he gave up searching him, because he is the Batman and the Batman always finds a man, if he really wants to.

Damian tells Bruce he even came back once, but he saw that he already had a new heir to mold in his place, and so he left. He joined Ra's because his view was not restricted, but planetary. His grandfather worried about the future, knowing that Brother Eye, Bruce's own creation, would one day see humans as parasites for the planet and will try to exterminate them. Damian and his grandfather decided to upgrade the League, making sure that if humanity was not able to contrast Brother Eye, they would have been. Bruce is shocked to know that Damian didn't bother to intervene during the conflict, but simply stayed behind waiting. Still, Damian continues his story: Ra's died as he could not use the Lazarus Pits anymore, and he died the day Brother Eye attacked. Now, he won't witness his nephew completing his mission of purification: giving back to Earth the control, eliminating part of the human population for the greater good.

As Damian is ready to launch the missiles that will complete Ra's will, Terry gets back on his feet and chokes Goliath, then refocusing on neutralizing Damian himself. Meanwhile, Maxine and Matt are trying to move Wayne's satellites to the Himalayas, to finally have a view of what is happening down there, as the suit and Damian's security devices are cutting them off.

Appearing in "Rise of the Demon, Part 5"

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  • League of Assassins
    • Damian Wayne (Flashback and main story) (Origin)
      • Goliath (First appearance) (Apparent Death)
      • Koru
    • Talia al Ghul (Flashback only)
    • Ra's al Ghul (Dies in flashback)
  • Brother Eye (Flashback only)

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