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"Rise of the Demon, Conclusion": In a fit of rage caused by Goliath apparent death at the hands of Terry, Damian launches himself against Batman, now with the intention of killing him. [[Bruce Wayne (Future

Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #11 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 6) with a cover date of October, 2017. It was published on August 23, 2017.

Synopsis for "Rise of the Demon, Conclusion"

In a fit of rage caused by Goliath apparent death at the hands of Terry, Damian launches himself against Batman, now with the intention of killing him. Bruce is scared, because he knows that both of them will not come out alive: one will die as neither Damian nor Terry will stop. Still, Bruce finds a way to help Goliath, injecting him with something, and then he tries to deactivate the missiles Damian wanted to use to make Ra's will into reality. In the fight, Damian uses the suit own weapons against Terry, bringing the suit to a breakdown.

Even if in a clear disadvantage, with pure force of will and the help of the suit Terry regains control and takes Damian by surprise, choking him. At the same time, the assassin Koru comes back with the intention to kill Bruce Wayne: Damian orders him to stand down, as he will not kill his father, but Koru does not listen. Knowing that Bruce is in danger of losing his life, Terry manages to overcome the suit A.I. and releases Damian from his grip, letting him save Bruce from the hands of Koru. In that same moment, Max and Matt succeed in establishing a video transmission of what's happening in the Himalayas, realizing that the League is trying to launch a planetary attack.

As Damian saved Bruce, the suit once again kicks in, trying to attack and kill Damian, but Terry fights back and manages to remove his mask and defeat the control of the suit. As Bruce convinces Damian to not press the button launching the missiles, also helped by the fact that Goliath is alive, helped by an adrenaline shot Bruce gave him, Koru leaps on his feet and presses the button, shouting about Damian betraying the real Demon's Head, a thing he would never be able to do. Damian knocks Koru out, but five missiles are out, containing a DNA Toxin programmed to kill the weakest. Terry launches himself to the rescue, and Damian tells Bruce that the suit can be overrode, as he did it himself.

Terry manages to destroy four missiles before the toxins could be mixed, but he cannot stop the last one as the suit collapses: Maxine and Matt manage to put one of Bruce's satellites in the missile's trajectory, saving the day. Then, it's Damian himself that saves Terry's life, a thing that Bruce could not even imagine just a few minutes before. Bruce and Damian reconcile, with the promise of working together for a better world, and one day Damian tells is father he will come back to Gotham and the Batcave. Terry and Bruce leave, getting back home, and Bruce tells him he's happy that both his sons are with him now.

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  • Koru

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  • Virus ICBMs
  • Wayne Industries Satellite
  • X-7 Batsuit


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