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"First Flight, Part Three": Batwoman is facing the returning Blight, who survived his apparent death: after sinking in a sealed submarine, the common thought was that Powers, being still a human being, died, but it seems his conver

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Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #39 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 6) with a cover date of March, 2020. It was published on January 1, 2020.

Synopsis for "First Flight, Part Three"

Batwoman is facing the returning Blight, who survived his apparent death: after sinking in a sealed submarine, the common thought was that Powers, being still a human being, died, but it seems his conversion to pure radiation was completed, making him immune to drowning. Trying to confront him, Batwoman gets alerted that Blight's radiation is too much for the suit and will soon penetrate, with lethal consequences. Blight also wants to understand why he didn't know nothing about this new lady, and wants to know where is the Batman, Terry McGinnis. Batwoman seems surprised in learning that Blight knows Batman's true identity, but he tells her that he is the reason Terry took on the mantle, as he murdered his father, Warren McGinnis.

Matt and Bruce are watching the fight in the Batcave, and the young McGinnis was not aware of the role of Powers in the death of his father: Bruce explains him that Warren found out about a frightening experiment with a new kind of mutagene, and wanted to tell everything to authorities, so Powers silenced him. After that he became Blight and Terry fought him inside a submarine: Terry barely escaped before radiation killed him, while Powers remained there and everyone thought he was dead, but they evidently all made a big mistake. Matt hopes the new Batwoman, still suspected to be Melanie Walker or Barbara Gordon, can handle the deadly criminal. Blight tries to provoke her, telling her she's a simple rookie, but Batwoman assures him she's far from inexperienced as the fight goes on.

Meanwhile, Terry still has amnesia and still lives with Powers' former lover and head of research, Constance Gustinov. Terry tells her that while he has no idea on how to get back to his former life, as he doesn't remember even having one, she should be able to get back to what she did before. Constance explains him that while under Powers, she invented a mutagene toxin that everyone believed too dangerous, as they accused Powers telling he desired to use the toxin to create an army of freaks. One of the scientists in the team, Warren McGinnis, tried to report to authorities and succeeded in shutting down the project and her life: from making millions due to her ability to being impossible for anyone to employ her. Thankfully, Warren had what he deserved: he was killed. Constance then tells Terry that she found a way to reverse her retina scan device to find out his identity, and uses it on him: she discovers he is the son of the man he just talked about, Warren McGinnis, and decides against revealing to him what the device found out.

Back to the fight between Blight and Batwoman, the monster reveals that while his transformation is making him more powerful, he also needs to find a new human host or he will cease to exist. Batwoman than surprises him, detonating an explosive powerful enough to make the building collapse. Matt thinks she couldn't have escaped the damage, but Batwoman impressively did, a thing met with enthusiasm by both Bruce and Matt, astounded about the mysterious woman's ability. Still, Blight's threat is not extinguished and he calls the only person who can help him transfer to a new body: former lover and scientist Constance Gustinov. Initially shocked to find Powers back to life, Constance tells her boss she will deliver just the right man for the job: she wants Powers to transfer himself inside Terry McGinnis, with him of course not realizing it. In the meantime, Batwoman tries to recover from a near deadly experience in her secret hideout, hoping that Bruce Wayne hasn't found a way to find her.

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  • Barbara Gordon (On a TV or computer screen)
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