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"The Eradication Agenda, Part Four": Decades from the present. Inside a plane, in the skies of Texas

Quote1.png I have been to worlds, universes and dimensions that you cannot begin to comprehend Quote2.png
Damian Wayne

Batman Beyond (Volume 6) #46 is an issue of the series Batman Beyond (Volume 6) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 25, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Eradication Agenda, Part Four"

Decades from the present. Inside a plane, in the skies of Texas

The League of Assassins triggered the Ice Age Device, under the orders of Mr. Zero. The world is in serious danger: the plan of the League is to let all life die on Earth, to then come back from their stasis in space and create a new society, living under the rules of Ra's al Ghul, the deceased former head of the League. Trying to stop them are Batman, the former head of the League itself, Damian Wayne, the new Batwoman and her dad, original Robin and former vigilante Dick Grayson. And of course, Goliath. Right now, they are trying to reach a site where a spaceship is stored, to reach and stop the League before they can complete their plan.

As always, Damian thinks he would be a better pilot than Dick, and starts arguing with Elainna about who's the best Robin, before Terry makes them stop: they arrived at the destination. Inside, a ship able to bring them to space, a ship Terry believes was property of the late Ra's. But Damian tells him he's wrong: this is part of Bruce Wayne's own arsenal.

Neo-Gotham, the Bat-Suite

Matt is pretty astonished by the fact Bruce possesses even a spaceship, but it seems necessary to be always two steps ahead when guys like Zeh-ro try to bring a new Ice Age to Earth. Barbara Gordon, the commissioner of the GCPD, is also there to support the operation, and analyze how the League could do something so massive. Bruce has a theory: he found out that several satellites previously not present around the planet were deployed recently, and they are probably projecting a reflective net that makes the rays of the sun unable to reach the Earth, thus leading to a fast decrease of the temperatures. As Bruce is explaining this, the power of the whole city of Neo-Gotham is cut off, and at minus 40 degrees, a lot of people is going to die if they do not act quickly.

Bruce proceeds to communicate the information to the team, ready to fly into space...

Back at the spacehub in Texas

As the ship can be commanded only by the possessor of the Bat-Suit, Damian won't be able to pilot the ship, leaving the responsibility to Terry. Dick, who will remain down to coordinate the mission, tells him to be relaxed, and that anything he won't be able to handle will be taken care of by the A.I. he has in the suit. As Damian is pissed off by the fact he cannot pilot the ship, Elainna tells him he should stop talking and should not hide his excitement for going in space, with Wayne answering he's already travelled in different dimensions, planes of reality and universes, leaving both Batwoman and Batman a little shocked.

They reach the barrier Bruce told them the League was building, and see that it is not complete, but still under construction thanks to a gigantic launch station. Elainna and Terry, having suits able to resist the depths of the ocean, will have little time to launch an attack while outside of the ship, taking down the guns of the station and allowing the ship, with Damian and Goliath inside, to hook with the enemy station. Once they did that, all three of them get inside, where a squadron of over eighty assassins attacks them. As Damian is using lethal force against them, Elainna and Terry tell him he should stop, and be human, like Bruce always taught them.

Still, they put out the first enemy battalion and proceed to their task: finding Zeh-ro, and making him order to the League to stop the whole plan. But as they are tricked to enter inside a certain room, Damian tells the team he does not recognize this place, and it was not part of the plans Zeh-ro gave to him when he was still the head of the League of Assassins. In that moment, an holographic projection of Zeh-ro appears, revealing to Damian that the plans he received about the architecture of the launch station were not complete, because he knew Damian would betray the League, one day or the other.

Knowing that Damian could be able to breach the station and void the efforts of the League, Zeh-ro built this room to end all of their hopes, letting them know that the will of Ra's al Ghul will be respected: all life on Earth will be extinguished, to be repopulated by the League's own wisdom. Then, a passageway opens directly into open space, and Damian, Elainna and Terry are catapulted out of the ship.

Meanwhile, in Neo-Gotham

Bruce, Matt and Barbara are trying to organize a plan to save the people of Neo-Gotham, but even the generators of the Bat-Suite are giving up, and soon the screens functioning as walls for Terry's headquarters power down, letting the blizzard enter inside, freezing down Bruce and everyone else. Is it the end of life on Earth?

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  • The comic mistakenly lists the story title as "The Eradication Agenda, Part Three".

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